The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 9303

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Clues Answers
Abundance, glut PLETHORA
African republic and river NIGER
Chanted word or phrase MANTRA
Earth goddess GAIA
Furious IRATE
Greek cheese FETA
Hot drink green tea
Indoor plant with showy flowers GARDENIA
Large ape GORILLA
Marine food fish TUNA
Modify ADAPT
Mother ---, canonised Nobel laureate TERESA
Clues Answers
Of particular significance SPECIAL
Operatic solo ARIA
Pretend, affect FEIGN
Pullover SWEATER
Settee SOFA
Spend extravagantly break the bank
State of SW India KERALA
Tropical lizard IGUANA
Very well behaved as good as gold
Viking afterworld VALHALLA
Windpipe TRACHEA
Woman who may sing an 8A DIVA