Family Time - Aug 21 2023

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Clues Answers
''How ___ they doing that?'' ARE
''Things are never as bad as they ___'' SEEM
''Where ___ can you see a show like this?'' ELSE
''Yikes!'' relative, way old EGAD
''___ anyone had cheese and jelly on rye? Yum.'' HAS
27-Across charge FARE
Accordion part REED
Adventure story TALE
Almost invisible sticker? TAPE
Any aunt running a corporation BUSINESSWOMAN
Apple part you don't want CORE
Astronomically long time periods EONS
Australian bird with no lift EMU
Aye? No. Flip it NAY
Britain (2 words) UNITEDKINGDOM
By this route VIA
Call a lady this to show your manners MAAM
Chocolate cookie brand name OREO
City of the Taj Mahal AGRA
Claim on a property LIEN
Cogito, ___ sum ERGO
Corny unit? EAR
Crank that engine again RESTART
Dad's or lion's spot DEN
Deeply in love or some baby babble GAGA
Dessert favorite PIE
Domed recess of a church APSE
Dryer fluff LINT
Early, as hours WEE
Fun ride, but crazy scary (2 words) ROLLERCOASTER
Grp. with bugs, wires and moles CIA
Clues Answers
Hatched BORN
Humpty Dumpty's species EGG
Insane, not angry MAD
It needs a teacher CLASS
Key near the Caps Lock TAB
Last letters for napping? ZEES
Leftover food crumbs ORTS
Like a turkey's wobbly wattle SAGGY
Like some winter trees EVERGREEN
Opera diva's solo ARIA
Parties in Spain FIESTAS
Place of dreams BED
Prefix with virus or social ANTI
Run ___ (behave uncontrollably) AMOK
Sharpen, as an axe HONE
Slow mover over a white blanket TBAR
Stat for relief pitchers ERA
Sweat like a runner in the desert PERSPIRED
Sweetly compassionate TENDERHEARTED
The old you, really THOU
Thing mentioned in many biographies AGE
Thing that may have four doors CAR
Tree in a shady neighborhood ELM
Turkey that's a real bro TOM
Twin of Bert Bobbsey NAN
Uber-y thing before Uber CAB
Vegetable all podded up PEA
Watermelon grower SEED
When the credits roll END
Words of denial NOS
Wreck a building to the ground RAZE