New York Times - Aug 20 2023

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Clues Answers
'1984' superstate EASTASIA
'Go ahead. I'm not scared' DOYOURWORST
'Green' ECO
'Hurray!' WOOT
'La Maja Desnuda' and others GOYAS
'Really, you too?' ETTU
'Tarnation!' NUTS
'Thanks ___' ALOT
'The highest result of education,' according to Helen Keller TOLERANCE
'What's Eating Gilbert Grape' actor DEPP
'What's Eating Gilbert Grape' actor DICAPRIO
'___ I a Woman?' AINT
Act impartially BEFAIR
Actor Somerhalder of 'The Vampire Diaries' IAN
Actress Thompson of 'Thor: Love and Thunder' TESSA
Air force? WIND
And others, in Latin ETALIA
Anti-apartheid org ANC
Article in El Mundo LAS
Assayer's unit KARAT
Audibly gobsmacked AGASP
Base of a nonmeat burger SOY
Big name in spatulas OXO
Big shows EXPOS
Brackish SALTY
Brainstorming aid IDEAMAP
Brother of Eos and Selene HELIOS
Capital of Peru? PEE
Cat scratchers CLAWS
Certain subway art MURAL
Choice words ORS
Civil engineering or molecular biology APPLIEDSCIENCE
Classic children's book character eating its way through this puzzle, with 'the' VERYHUNGRYCATERPILLAR
Clutch, for one BAG
Communities for some commuters EXURBS
Crashed and burned ATEIT
Difficult situation SCRAPE
Does some massaging KNEADS
Draws TIES
Drops in midair MIST
Each PER
Excited jackpot cry IWONIWON
Fade out END
Family feud participant MCCOY
Feature of an action comedy ESCAPADE
Femur-tibia connector, for short ACL
First Nations group CREE
Focused, workwise ONTASK
Forewarned ONNOTICE
French vineyard region MEDOC
Fruity desserts COMPOTES
Gemologist's consideration FLAW
Gilbert and Sullivan princess IDA
Go before ANTECEDE
Goofy image, maybe CEL
Govt. agency established in November 2001 TSA
Grassy area LEA
Gridiron standout ALLPRO
Grp. that measures 1-Across EPA
Harden SET
Heavy lifter? CRANE
Heavy load ONUS
Hebrew letter on a dreidel NUN
Home of Umm al Quwain: Abbr UAE
Idealistic, and then some QUIXOTIC
Italian novelist Pera PIA
Italian wheels ALFA
Jetson son ELROY
Keyless ATONAL
Clues Answers
Kind of jacket inspired by a school's uniform ETON
Least inviting ICIEST
Like many consigned goods USED
Little chuckle HEH
Longtime newswire inits UPI
Look at quickly ... or closely SCAN
Machine shop tools DIES
Magic word ABRA
Makes some alterations to HEMS
Many a fed. holiday MON
Member of a furry race EWOK
Merely cosmetic feature of some electric vehicles GRILLE
Middle name of James Garfield ABRAM
Navarra's land ESPANA
Near miss SCARE
Neologism COINAGE
Notwithstanding INSPITEOF
Nutrition fig RDA
Org. with a Canine Good Citizen certification AKC
Page in a passport, perhaps VISA
Parliament member OWL
Part of the fam SIS
Paul Krugman's subj ECON
Pique IRE
Place for a pew NAVE
Place to crash while camping COT
Poet who wrote 'The Cow' and 'The Panther' NASH
Produce in bunches GRAPES
Riveting icon ROSIE
Rocky Mountain town ASPEN
SCOTUS appointee of '93 RBG
Serenades, as the moon HOWLSAT
Server at a royal table, once CUPBEARER
Sheep shelters COTES
Since ASOF
Singer with the 2001 #1 hit 'Fallin'' ALICIAKEYS
Slobbers DROOLS
Slow dance with quick turns BOLERO
Sold products on behalf of REPPED
Sound like a real jackass BRAY
Spanish wine classification SOLERA
Spot for a bowler HATRACK
State of mayhem HAVOC
Strings entered during checkout COUPONCODES
Stumbling sounds ERS
Subjects of some grade school posters TIMESTABLES
Tasting the forbidden fruit ORIGINALSIN
Taylor Swift's '___ the Damn Season' TIS
Thrill SEND
Thrilla in Manila result, in brief TKO
Tibetic language SHERPA
TikTok alternative, familiarly INSTA
Time to stop trying? COURTRECESS
Title feline in a Hanna-Barbera cartoon TOPCAT
Tricked somebody PULLEDAFASTONE
Trojans' sch USC
What 'puppy paws' equal, in craps TEN
What makes an avocado rich FATCONTENT
What makes her hear? ANA
When repeated, reply to 'Who wants a cookie?' IDO
When repeated, slangy sound of eating NOM
Wildfire season stat, for short AQI
Woman in Camelot ENID
Word said four times in the Lord's Prayer OUR
Words in an analogy ISTO
Wrinkly fruit UGLI
___ de' Medici, who founded the Medici dynasty COSIMO
___ Eisley, where Luke Skywalker meets Han Solo MOS