L.A. Times Daily - Aug 13 2023

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Clues Answers
"Agreed" ICONCUR
"Am __ loud?" ITOO
"Consarn it!" HECK
"Downton Abbey" figures MAIDS
"Family __" FEUD
"I guess that works" UMMOK
"Keep this private" docs NDAS
"Plot twist ... " BUTTHEN
"Tut-tut" evokers NONOS
"__ in the blanks" FILL
34-Down opposite FAR
72-Across opposite NEAR
Above, in odes OER
Accept an invite, perhaps RSVP
Acrimony BILE
Angry tennis player, perhaps? (B-) RACKETBUSTER
Annual milestone, briefly BDAY
Antenna FEELER
Apple player IPOD
Apply messily DAUB
Ardent AVID
Aretha Franklin's gospel/soul-singing sister ERMA
Assemble GATHER
Bagel feature HOLE
Banned refrigerant, for short CFC
Barista-inspired dessert? (O+) AMERICANOPIE
Bit of sunlight RAY
Brink CUSP
Buicks, e.g GMS
Button on some scales TARE
Capitol Reef National Park setting UTAH
Confer knighthood on DUB
Cook quickly, as vegetables BLANCH
Cover story piece? ALIAS
Crack some jokes YUKITUP
Deceives LIESTO
Dinner rolls? SUSHI
Distribute ALLOT
Excited cry when the shellfish course finally arrives? (AB+) ABALONEATLAST
Excuse for a presidency's shortcomings? (A+) FAILINGCABINET
Extra charge FEE
Fault RIFT
Fencing move THRUST
Fraud SHAM
Gents MEN
Geopolitical alliance BLOC
Give voice to EMIT
Handsome, in Honduras GUAPO
Hardly handy INEPT
Heard but not seen, maybe OFFCAMERA
Hold nothing back GOALLIN
Honor roll stats GPAS
Hot now TRENDY
Indicator MARK
Infancy, adolescence, etc LIFESTAGES
Infielder's untimely move LATETAG
Jet stream heading EAST
Keep afloat BUOY
Key in the sea ISLE
Knee part, for short ACL
Lamb eaten on Eid, e.g HALALMEAT
Large part of a pod ORCA
Legume used in vegan chocolate CAROB
Like sugar in water SOLUBLE
Long-nosed fish GAR
Mamá's mamá ABUELA
Many a personal website BLOG
Many an Emirati ARAB
Massage target KNOT
Clues Answers
Menial worker PEON
Mess up MAR
Milne character who likes to swing on Tigger's tail ROO
Moved furtively SLUNK
Music producer Brian ENO
NASA-approved watch brand OMEGA
Night before EVE
Noche preceder DIA
Nonspecific category OTHER
Not optimistic BLEAK
Old Ford named for a horse PINTO
On the __ DOT
One-named Tejano singer SELENA
Oscar the Grouch's backing instrumentalists? (B+) GARBAGEBAND
Oscar-nominated film about a South Korean family in rural Arkansas MINARI
Others, in Oaxaca OTROS
Overly curious NOSY
Park ranger's post LODGE
Parting exchanges BYES
Pet doc VET
Pitching duel? ADWAR
Plot-makers CABALS
Poi base TARO
Portico pillars COLONNADES
Post-punk subculture GOTH
Purple pet in old cartoons DINO
Put forth ALLEGE
Reason so many classic songs are earworms? (AB-) OLDHITSDIEHARD
Riverside rental CANOE
Said again RESTATED
Sailor's boon GUST
Sales agt REP
Schlep LUG
Selling point? SHOP
Short lunch orders? BLTS
Siddhartha __: the Buddha GAUTAMA
Small sled LUGE
Solid yellow ball ONE
Some Ethiopian Christmas celebrants, for short RASTAS
Some sacred flowers LOTUSES
Space-saving bed COT
Spanish tender EURO
Special find GEM
Spider-Man __: monochromatic comic book character NOIR
Sport that encourages horsing around? ARENAPOLO
Spycraft files DOSSIERS
Square meal? BENTO
Stereo alternative MONO
Striped yellow ball NINE
Subway Series side METS
Sun-kissed TAN
Taproom offering BEER
The bee's knees and the cat's meow IDIOMS
Those with a driving passion? CARBUFFS
Tight end Rob with four Super Bowl rings, familiarly GRONK
Top __ TEN
Turn over INVERT
Upper limbs ARMS
Used a loom WEAVED
Uses a treadmill RUNS
Warmup stretches at a company retreat? (O-) STAFFLUNGES
Where Parisians get their newspapers? (A-) LEMONDESTANDS
Window-switching shortcut ALTTAB
Wisecracking extraterrestrial of 1980s TV ALF
Yardstick's three FEET
__ au lait CAFE
__ chic GEEK
__ Henriksen: skin care brand OLE
__ Lingus AER
__ so slightly EVER