The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 9293

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Clues Answers
Act of steeping to extract flavour INFUSION
Advanced years old age
African river CONGO
Approximately, around CIRCA
Atomic particle NEUTRON
Branching point in a network NODE
Cowboy hat STETSON
Dainty salad plant CRESS
Forcefully depose OUST
Hormone secreted by the pancreas INSULIN
In the style of Dalí, eg SURREALISTIC
Ivan the Terrible, eg TSAR
Clues Answers
Large North American deer MOOSE
Make cuts in (a surface) INCISE
Meddle (with) TAMPER
Not any NONE
Postpone DELAY
Scattered around STREWN
Small frozen block ice cube
Tendency to follow the behaviour of the group herd instinct
Unhygienic DIRTY
With regret RUEFULLY