Universal - Aug 10 2023

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Clues Answers
"Citizen Kane" studio RKO
"Gimme a sec," in a text BRB
"Look what I've found!" OHO
"Where Have You ___" (Rihanna hit) BEEN
"You better do what I say!" ORELSE
Actor Penn SEAN
Agua ___ (fruity taqueria drink) FRESCA
Alien craft, familiarly UFO
Apple pie ___ mode ALA
Bird on a Canadian dollar LOON
Black cats, to some OMENS
Blogger's piece POST
Breathtaking view VISTA
Bursts onto the scene? ENTERS
Captured SNARED
Central American country known for pupusas (In this answer, note letters 1-4) ELSALVADOR
Certain soda's trade secret (... letters 6-9) COCACOLAFORMULA
Closes SHUTS
Commericals ADS
Commotion FUROR
Concept studied by philosophers and psychologists (... letters 4-7) HUMANNATURE
Conks out DIES
Daily grind RUT
Entrepreneur's undertaking (... letters 8-11) BUSINESSVENTURE
Extent SCOPE
Forbidden TABOO
Glimpse SEE
Greek god of war ARES
Guitarist Clapton ERIC
Gym rat's pride BOD
Gymnastics gold medalist Suni LEE
Hawaiian greeting ALOHA
How bad news travels, it's said FAST
It precedes iota THETA
King or president RULER
Leopard feature SPOT
Many Copenhagen residents DANES
Meditative Buddhist sect ZEN
Clues Answers
Michael of "Shrinking" URIE
Moe's on "The Simpsons," for one TAVERN
Molds and mushrooms FUNGI
Name on a spine AUTHOR
NCAA ice hockey finals ... or what 18-, 23-, 36- and 50-Across contain? FROZENFOUR
Noah's craft ARK
O.R. attendants RNS
Oak, e.g TREE
One of 500 at Daytona MILE
Overturn UPEND
Pilots and Explorers SUVS
Pina colada ingredient RUM
Raison d'___ ETRE
Reached, as a deal STRUCK
Ripped TORE
Roosters' mates HENS
Rowing implement OAR
Rugby pileup SCRUM
Second person? JUNIOR
Separates, as flour SIFTS
Single-masted sailboat SLOOP
Soccer cheer OLE
Spanish for "mother" MADRE
Stoves with ovens RANGES
The "R" of RBG RUTH
Those born before Virgos LEOS
Three, in Sicily TRE
To and ___ FRO
Troubles persistently BESETS
Vegetarian protein source TOFU
Veggie in Cajun cuisine OKRA
Virtual address URL
Wagging appendage TAIL
When Romeo drinks poison, in "Romeo and Juliet" ACTV
Wolf (down) SCARF
ZipRecruiter listing JOB
___ Bay Rays TAMPA
___ de toilette EAU