New York Times - Aug 9 2023

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Clues Answers
'Evil Woman' rock group, for short ELO
'Indeed!' ITIS
'It's gonna take a lot more than that to fool me!' NICETRY
'Oh, fudge!' DANG
'Outlander' network STARZ
'Watch it, man!' HEY
29-Down output STRIP
A modern wedding might have two of them GROOMS
Access to the company jet, for example PERK
Activity for Bill Watterson or Bil Keane CARTOONING
Alternative to a glossy finish MATTE
Barn bundle BALE
Baseball's 'Big Papi' ORTIZ
Billiards ricochet CAROM
Bit of conical-shaped candy KISS
Bit of fantasy sports fodder STAT
Boardroom V.I.P.s CEOS
Brillo competitor SOS
Catches some Z's NAPS
Caving to gravity SAGGY
Classic show tune with the lyric 'When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything' DOREMI
Clinton's first appointee to the Supreme Court, informally RBG
Costume department staple WIG
Crunchy baked snack PITACHIP
Dada artist Jean ARP
Dance Dance Revolution move STEP
Did a 5K or 10K RAN
Did in, as a dragon SLEW
Distinctive flair ELAN
Divulged LETON
Doctor's concern when a rival clinic opens up next door? LOSINGPATIENTS
Domesticated TAME
Eco-friendly party announcement EVITE
Evidence at the robbery crime scene? PRINTSOFTHIEVES
Famed backboard-breaking dunker of the 1990s ONEAL
Feature of a satchel STRAP
Filmmaker ___ Lily Amirpour ANA
Clues Answers
High point of Exodus? SINAI
Internet ___ MEME
Island near the Big Island MAUI
June 18th vis-à-vis Juneteenth EVE
Landlocked African country LESOTHO
Landlocked African country CHAD
Large, white waders EGRETS
Largest Scottish loch by volume NESS
Lofty beginning? AERO
N.B.A. forward ___ Porter Jr OTTO
N.Y.C. cultural institution that opened nine days after the 1929 stock market crash MOMA
Nursing site TEAT
Of little consequence MINOR
One per customer, e.g LIMIT
Option on Halloween TREAT
Part of La La Land TINSELTOWN
Partner of oohs AAHS
Passover, in Hebrew PESACH
Pesters no end NAGS
Piece for one voice ARIA
Pizzeria offerings served with marinara for dipping CALZONES
Place for a key card SLOT
Quaff for a caroler, maybe NOG
Roller rink shape OVAL
Rule that forbids singing hymns to the devil? NOCHANTSINHELL
Slightly ATAD
Sudden turns ZAGS
Teamwork inhibitor EGO
Turntable speeds, for short RPMS
Wedding dress fabric SATIN
What 'Gras' means in 'Mardi Gras' FAT
What 'Mardi' means in 'Mardi Gras': Abbr TUE
What's found under Casper's Christmas tree? GHOSTLYPRESENTS
Woodworker's file RASP
Word with paper or insurance TERM
Work with thread SEW