USA Today - Sep 7 2023

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Clues Answers
'Bald' birds of prey EAGLES
'Better than I expected' NOTBAD
'I get it now!' AHA
'Industry Baby' rapper Lil ___ X NAS
'L.A.'s Finest' actress Jessica ALBA
'No worries' ITSOK
'Oy vey,' in German ACH
'Star Wars' actor Guinness ALEC
'The One' in 'The Matrix' NEO
'The Summer I Turned ___' (Jenny Han book and TV series) PRETTY
'You get me?' CATCHMYDRIFT
Baby goat KID
Batting stat RBI
Bits of lore MYTHS
Calls up PHONES
Cher's character in 'Burlesque' TESS
Citation abbreviation ETAL
Close-up map section INSET
Confirms it SAYSSO
Count Basie and Duke Ellington, for two BANDLEADERS
Country that celebrates Teej NEPAL
Covered with frosting ICED
Crank up, like an engine REV
Ctrl Alt ___ DEL
Deets INFO
Disparaging SNIDE
Episode that's already aired RERUN
Excuse to kiss at Christmas MISTLETOE
Fancy vase URN
FedEx alternative UPS
Fundamentally INESSENCE
Furious IRATE
Group of cows HERD
Hand out cards DEAL
Heroic tales SAGAS
Hilton competitor HYATT
Implant firmly EMBED
Implored PLED
Info texted after 'omw,' maybe ETA
Clues Answers
La ___ Tar Pits BREA
Lake between Ohio and Ontario ERIE
Large venue for a rapper or the Raptors ARENA
Leo Sheng's character in 'The L Word: Generation Q' MICAH
Lightly throw TOSS
Like bad apples MEALY
Like Wangari Maathai, ethnically KENYAN
Mini eggs and marshmallow Peeps, e.g EASTERCANDY
Munched on ATE
New Haven college YALE
Notable period ERA
Novelist and poet Figiel SIA
Nuggets' org NBA
Nullifies, like a transaction VOIDS
Off the market TAKEN
Pair on a bicycle TIRES
Paramore's genre EMO
Part of a closet or armoire DOOR
Part of a race LAP
Physician, informally DOC
Poetic tribute ODE
Prefix for 'dynamic' AERO
Prefix for 'resort' or 'tourism' ECO
Price COST
Printed ISSUED
Puts in the mail SENDS
Reel Big Fish genre SKA
Service animal for some visually impaired people SEEINGEYEDOG
Sewing line SEAM
Short snooze NAP
Slide or flip-flop BACKLESSSANDAL
Tappable smartphone symbol ICON
Took a load off SAT
Treatment that open-toed shoes show off, for short PEDI
UC Berkeley, for short CAL
Uno y uno DOS
Upper house of Congress SENATE
___ colada (nonalcoholic cocktail) NADA
___ up (invigorates) PEPS