L.A. Times Daily - Aug 3 2023

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Clues Answers
"Black-ish" star Tracee __ Ross ELLIS
"Gracious!" OHMY
"The Bonfire of the Vanities" novelist Tom WOLFE
"To __ is human ... " ERR
"Were your __ burning?" EARS
Actor Beatty NED
Actor Idris ELBA
Among buoys ASEA
Appear to be SEEM
Aspiring WOULDBE
Barrel racing milieu RODEO
Beseeched EXHORTED
Brand known for surfing gear HANGTEN
Came down to earth ALIT
Carpet cleaners, for short VACS
Carson City neighbor RENO
Catherine of "Schitt's Creek" OHARA
Cause of a frantic search at the county fair produce contest? LOSTARTICHOKE
Coarse fabric TWEED
Cutting remark GIBE
Data in IRS tables TAXRATES
Debonair SUAVE
Deliver cards DEAL
Deportment MIEN
First Hebrew letter ALEPH
Folk singer Guthrie ARLO
Fountain drink SODA
Gloomy BLEAK
Gymnast Raisman with three Olympic gold medals ALY
Help in getting to the next level? STAIR
King topper ACE
Lake-maker DAM
Land in the water ISLE
Lawn layer SOD
Legalese adverb HERETO
Like some rugged vehicles ALLTERRAIN
Clues Answers
Long, loose top TUNIC
Lowest score on some scales ONE
Mineral used in pearlescent paint MICA
Neither Dem. nor Rep IND
Noodle option RAMEN
Novel NEW
One-named "Easy on Me" singer ADELE
Parent, e.g REARER
Part of a pen GATE
Points to make in an argument, figuratively AMMO
Praises a prizewinner at the county fair produce contest? HAILSACABBAGE
Proud proclamation at the county fair produce contest? THATSMYCUCUMBER
Queen and regime, e.g NEARRHYMES
Ready to serve DONE
Research centers LABS
Respiratory organ LUNG
Roll with the punches ADAPT
School founded by Henry VI ETON
Seaweed gelatin used as a thickener AGAR
Shaping machine LATHE
Slugger's stat RBI
Some intelligence workers ANALYSTS
Son of Isaac and Rebecca ESAU
Squashes a rival's entry at the county fair produce contest? GOESTOETOTOMATO
Stimulant-yielding Asian leaf BETEL
Sword of __: impending disaster DAMOCLES
Theater director? USHER
Those, in Spanish ESAS
Transfer recipient ASSIGNEE
Vintage violin AMATI
Wander, in a way DAYDREAM
Water-to-wine village CANA
Worry FRET
Writer Bombeck ERMA
Wry twist IRONY