USA Today - Sep 3 2023

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Clues Answers
'Como ___ usted?' ESTA
'Goodness me' GOSH
'Green & Gold' singer La Havas LIANNE
'I'm cold!' BRR
'Is that true of me?' AMI
'Makes sense' ISEE
'That is . . .' IMEAN
'The other team won' WELOST
'Walk the dog' toy YOYO
Airplane assignment SEAT
Ancestry diagram FAMILYTREE
Bachelor of Arts, often FOURYEARDEGREE
Bases' counterparts ACIDS
Beetle considered sacred in Ancient Egypt SCARAB
Chemical element whose atomic number is 53-Across IODINE
Citrus often served with tacos LIME
College athletics channel ESPNU
Commuter's option RAIL
Computer pioneer Lovelace ADA
Continent where amur tigers live ASIA
Daily Islamic prayers SALAH
De-wrinkling appliance IRON
Delicious YUMMY
Egyptian cobra ASP
Fleeting trends FADS
Fury IRE
Go 'Honk shoo honk shoo' SNORE
Great Lake home to Bessie the sea monster ERIE
Hardly any FEW
Heats in the microwave ZAPS
Highest card in a royal flush ACE
Initials on some self-tanner SPF
Large, flightless bird EMU
Light winds BREEZES
Like dense fog SOUPY
Like many North African countries ARAB
Loyal Japanese dogs AKITAS
Clues Answers
Main metal in pennies ZINC
Make available for purchase SELL
Mama deer DOE
Many an ambitious person, astrologically CAPRICORN
Merits EARNS
Messenger molecule RNA
Mime's hat BERET
Muscles a crop top might show off ABS
Not much ATAD
One of the five W's WHY
Online commerce ETAIL
Orca's home SEA
Partner of circumstance POMP
Performs in a play ACTS
Pets named Mary Shelly and Shell Silverstein, perhaps TORTOISES
Pixar clownfish NEMO
Pixar film set in Mexico COCO
Place to order cold cuts DELI
Pole at the corner of a mattress BEDPOST
Region AREA
Rough guess (Abbr.) EST
Sandal part STRAP
Significant time period ERA
Sneaky SLY
Some horse races DERBIES
Starting poker bet ANTE
Steeped beverage TEA
Sticky stuff GOO
Stockpile AMASS
Striped savanna grazer ZEBRA
Sushi Go! or Go, e.g GAME
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's is 1-800-662-4357 HELPLINE
This clue's number FIFTYTHREE
Tournament venues ARENAS
Walk in a nature park HIKE
Word in senior superlatives MOST
___ box (Japanese meal) BENTO
___ milk OAT
___ to the brim FILL