USA Today - Aug 30 2023

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Clues Answers
'American Horror Story: Cult' actor Chaz BONO
'And Just Like That . . .' character ___ Diaz CHE
'Batman & Robin' star Thurman UMA
'Go fly a ___!' KITE
'Interesting . . .' ISEE
'Mad Max: Fury ___' ROAD
'My ___ car is a UFO' OTHER
'Ocean's 8' actress Hathaway ANNE
'Send me!' ILLGO
'Srsly!?' OMG
'Star Trek' actor John CHO
'Such pretty fireworks!' OOH
'Survivor' channel CBS
'Unrelated . . .' ONASEPARATENOTE
'Waitress' composer Bareilles SARA
'Yowza!' OHBABY
'___ the night before Christmas . . .' TWAS
Aide for a treasure hunter MAP
Airport screening org TSA
Atlantic or Pacific OCEAN
Bearded antelope GNU
Beetle in the 'Mummy' movies SCARAB
Bread or pasta CARB
Breaks into parts SPLITS
Bunny's jump HOP
College-level H.S. courses APS
Color of some traffic cones BRIGHTORANGE
Competed in a marathon RAN
Cool Ranch snack chip DORITO
Corporate bigwigs EXECS
Crackle and Pop's brother SNAP
Dairy animal COW
Did a fall chore RAKED
Dino such as The Field Museum's Sue TREX
Doggy docs VETS
Finished OVER
Flat-topped formations MESAS
Folded egg dishes OMELETS
Fuses metal together WELDS
Hi-___ graphics RES
Clues Answers
Hide and ___ SEEK
Incheon's country KOREA
Indigenous people of the Southwest APACHE
Make a choice OPT
Mouthed off to SASSED
Non-kosher deli sandwich BLT
Outdoor alternative to an airline's ticket counter CURBSIDECHECKIN
Paper Mate product PEN
Part of a foot TOE
Perceptive person SHARPCOOKIE
Pilot's announcement, for short ETA
Place for a nap, often BED
Places to tie up boats DOCKS
Poetic tribute ODE
Popular slip-on shoe CROC
Prefix meaning 'eight' OCTO
Prepare a meal COOK
Reputation, for short CRED
Sarcastic jokester WISECRACKER
Secondary field of study MINOR
Skilled ADEPT
Skip-a-round privileges BYES
Somewhat ABIT
Squanders WASTES
Steered clear of EVADED
Top-of-the-line BEST
TV host Kelly RIPA
Unit of weight at a dispensary GRAM
Unplanned side trip DETOUR
Vietnamese Lunar New Year TET
Wedding answer IDO
Weightlifter's unit REP
Wet, marshy area SWAMP
www.usatoday.___ COM
Youngest-ever U.S. congresswoman AOC
___ puppet SOCK
___ school (doctors' training) MED
___-up (held in) PENT