USA Today - Aug 29 2023

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Clues Answers
'Bambi' characters DEER
'For real!!' HONEST
'Hounds of Love' singer Bush KATE
'Keep pouring!' MORE
'Now I get it!' OHH
'Only Murders in the Building' actress Amy RYAN
'Sounds great!' YEAH
Acid LSD
Actress Long NIA
Asian peninsular region KOREA
Athletic trainer COACH
Available, like a time slot OPEN
Candies with a caramel filling ROLOS
Cars have four TIRES
Choose OPT
Cook, like dumplings STEAM
Cozy French eateries BISTROS
Designer dog that's part spaniel COCKAPOO
DJ's booking GIG
Finnish 'brick phone' company NOKIA
First historically Black sorority, for short AKA
Frighten SCARE
Frog and ___ (queer-coded kid-lit pair) TOAD
Gender-neutral pronoun ONE
Gets to put in one's two cents HASASAY
Getting 100% on ACING
Give a one-star review, say BASH
Give off EMIT
Gym sesh that might focus on biceps ARMDAY
Half of the McDonald's logo ARCH
Head butler MAJORDOMO
ID on a tax form SSN
Improvised jazz singing SCAT
Jo, Beth and Amy's sister MEG
Kiss, in Spanish BESO
Language in the documentary 'Deaf Jam' ASL
Lightweight wood BALSA
Matcha, for one GREENTEA
Megan ___ Stallion THEE
Clues Answers
NBC sitcom starring Nicole Byer GRANDCREW
Novels with bigger-than-average font LARGEPRINTBOOKS
NYC or L.A. neighborhood NOHO
Part of a skin care routine SERUM
Performs in a play ACTS
Piece of fireplace fuel LOG
Play energetically ROMP
Potatoes or rice CARB
Prefix for 'pilot' and 'mobile' AUTO
Programmer CODER
Prophet SEER
Psychoactive ingredient in some chocolate bars THC
Purses and totes BAGS
Quantity (Abbr.) AMT
Races with three events TRIATHLONS
Red-haired 'Scooby-Doo' character DAPHNE
Repairs a garment SEWS
Rowing tool OAR
Shortcake fruit STRAWBERRY
Slang for coffee JOE
Slender fish EELS
Smartphone symbol ICON
Some Apple computers IMACS
Sticky stuff GOO
Strongly dislike HATE
Symbol on the Ghanaian flag STAR
The ___ Room (online shop for South Asian fashion) SAREE
Three, for Elmo AGE
Throw out TOSS
Transmitted SENT
TV award EMMY
Twosome PAIR
Village People hit YMCA
Writing assignment ESSAY
___ and labor warranty PARTS
___-friendly (easy to understand) USER
___Guessr (game that uses Google Maps) GEO