L.A. Times Daily - Jul 30 2023

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Clues Answers
"Bonne __!" IDEE
"East of Eden" brother ARON
"Get off the court, Ms. King!" BEATITBILLIEJEAN
"Kapow!" BAM
"Kills bugs dead" brand RAID
"Let's __ it a night" CALL
"Nothing to write home about" MEH
"Paradise Lost" figure EVE
"Stop futzing with that, Mr. Law" HEYJUDELETITBE
"Stop tormenting the mail carrier, you mangy mutt!" DONTBECRUELHOUNDDOG
"The Fosters" actress Polo TERI
"Time to blaze a trail in frozen desserts, Ms. Lee" GOYOUROWNWAYSARA
"Whoa there, cowboy!" TAKEITEASYDESPERADO
"You'll never make it big in the toy industry, Holly Hobbie!" DREAMONRAGDOLL
213 or 323 for Los Angeles, e.g AREACODE
Actress Mireille ENOS
Almost closed AJAR
Ann of "The Leftovers" DOWD
Apogee ACME
Apply crudely DAUB
Arborist's charges TREES
Arts town east of Georgia O'Keeffe's Ghost Ranch TAOS
Ask earnestly BEG
Ballpark fig.? ERA
Bank claim LIEN
Banque currency EURO
Baton ROD
Beautify ADORN
Bell-bottoms features FLARES
Bibimbap base RICE
Big gulp SWIG
Bird feeder filler SEED
Blanches PALES
Bouncy Milne character ROO
Brazilian berry ACAI
Buddhist monks LAMAS
Canadian prov PEI
Car on many "worst cars of all time" lists YUGO
Carousel mount, to a tot HORSY
Classic songs STANDARDS
Clock app feature ALARM
Comedian Love LONI
Comfy retreats DENS
Commercials ADS
Conifers with bright red berries YEWS
Construction fastener RIVET
Corner shop MART
Courtesy car LOANER
Croupier's tool RAKE
Declutters, perhaps TIDIES
Deplete SPEND
Drag one's feet STALL
Egyptian snakes ASPS
Enlists again REUPS
Family guy DAD
Farm team followers PLOWS
Female kangaroos DOES
Fire proof? SOOT
First aid tincture IODINE
Flibbertigibbet TWIT
Former name on a Chicago skyscraper SEARS
Free software version DEMO
French summer ETE
Frequent fliers JETSET
Frigate front PROW
Garden digger MOLE
Geologist's unit EON
Gibson ingredient GIN
Going nowhere IDLE
Gym units REPS
Clues Answers
Handwriting features LOOPS
Hawaiian honker NENE
Hiccup SNAG
High court action? LOB
Highland girls LASSES
Hit with a water balloon, say DOUSE
Home of Sun Devil Stadium TEMPE
Honey brew MEAD
House of cards? CASINO
Just mentioned FOREGOING
Justice Kagan ELENA
Klutz's cry OOPS
Knight-time story GEST
Lay out in advance PLAN
Lens care brand RENU
Like fancy caramel SALTED
Limb lifted in a développé LEG
Lion of Narnia ASLAN
Meeting point NEXUS
Mold, mildew, etc FUNGI
Moriarty of "The Boys" ERIN
Most blue SADDEST
Name on much farm equipment DEERE
Native American ceremony performed in the dry season RAINDANCE
Nickname of the NBA star whose #3 was retired by the Heat DWADE
Nnedi Okorafor genre SCIFI
Not on a tape delay LIVE
NPR host __ Simon SCOTT
Org. that checks bags after check-in TSA
Oscar winner Blanchett CATE
Pans with high sides WOKS
Performs a Native American cleansing ritual SMUDGES
Poet Angelou MAYA
Roadie's burdens AMPS
Romance novelist Banks LEANNE
Run the show EMCEE
Secret recording device SPYCAM
Sheet cakes, in British parlance TRAYBAKES
Sings like Ella SCATS
Skips, as class CUTS
Small armada FLOTILLA
Snowman who says, "Some people are worth melting for" OLAF
Some low-risk investments, briefly TBONDS
Spam or ham MEAT
Stands watch for, say ABETS
Straggles LAGS
Streamlet BROOK
Stuff on a shelf GOODS
Substantially ALOT
Sunday message SERMON
Texas city where Dr Pepper was invented WACO
Tickled pink ELATED
Tosses, slangily YEETS
Totals (up) ADDS
Trash RUIN
Trick-taking game SPADES
Unwell SICK
Up in the air IFFY
Vane dir SSW
Washday units LOADS
Welcome SEEIN
Word repeated in "Star Wars" introductions FAR
Worked (up) RILED
__ Domingo SANTO
__ flottante: French dessert ILE
__ mater ALMA
__Clean: laundry brand OXI