New York Times - Jul 30 2023

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Clues Answers
'Can you believe I sneaked into Buckingham Palace in a trunk and saw the king? I was a ...' THRONESSTOWAWAY
'Do you really trust these Bitcoiners? Beware ...' GEEKSBEARINGGRIFTS
'Enjoy your stay on our horse farm. Hope it's not too noisy. You can expect ...' THREEMARESQUEALSADAY
'General' with a spicy recipe TSO
'Hands off!' LETGO
'Hugh Hefner was quite the media mogul. They called him ...' MISTERBUNNYMAGS
'I know they've had them on all day, but let the kids eat their candy. After all, a Ring Pop is a ...' WEARABLETHINGTOTASTE
'I want,' in Oaxaca QUIERO
'Mwa-ha-ha-ha' is one EVILLAUGH
'Nobody ever got fired for buying ___' (old business saying) IBM
'That poor lion has a mighty toothache. Boy, ...' WHENITPAINSITROARS
'Uh-huh, sure' ILLBET
'What ___' ('Bummer!') ADRAG
'Y' on a form YES
'___-daisy!' UPSY
Academic with funding, say GRANTEE
Annoy IRK
Annual New Year's celebration in Pasadena ROSEPARADE
Big Apple fashion inits DKNY
Big name in chicken PERDUE
Big roll WAD
Bit of Old Norse RUNE
Bitty WEE
Boyfriend BEAU
Boyo LAD
Bread or pasta, informally CARB
Cast out BANISH
Catch BAG
Catches SNAGS
Chargeable cars, for short EVS
Cherished DEAR
Choctaw word for 'people,' as seen in a U.S. state name OKLA
Christopher ___, director of 'Oppenheimer' NOLAN
Columbus sch OSU
Comedian Cenac WYATT
Comic book sound effect BAM
Counterpart of 76-Down TAT
Counterpart of 84-Across TIT
Country with no official language USA
Curmudgeon's countenance SCOWL
De Armas who name-checked the New York Times crossword on 'S.N.L.' ANA
Didn't pick up what someone was putting down MISSEDACUE
Die, e.g CUBE
Director's shout CUT
Dreaded collectors TAXMEN
Dundee denial NAE
Eagerly accepts JUMPSON
Employers USERS
Enjoy, as an article, even though it makes your blood boil HATEREAD
Faith that preaches religious unity BAHAI
Family nickname AUNTIE
Fictional supplier of Jet-Propelled Pogo Sticks and Dehydrated Boulders ACME
Fleece-lined boots UGGS
Forest nymph DRYAD
Formation involving fibrin CLOT
Gives off EMITS
GPS suggestions: Abbr RTES
Grabs a snack, say REFUELS
Grading option PASSFAIL
Habitually OFTEN
Half a giggle TEE
Happening UNDERWAY
Hauled TOTED
Himalayan river INDUS
Himalayan sight ... or maybe not YETI
Home to Masada National Park: Abbr ISR
Ice cream entrepreneur Joseph EDY
Italian unit of time ORA
Clues Answers
Jerkface MEANIE
Jumbled mess HASH
Kapoor of 'Slumdog Millionaire' ANIL
Key item FOB
Kind of cat with short, curly fur REX
Kind of whale with two blowholes BALEEN
King who said 'How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child!' LEAR
Kvass grain RYE
Latin 101 infinitive ESSE
Lauder in the cosmetics aisle ESTEE
Lead-in to Pen EPI
Leaf-wrapped Mexican dish TAMALE
Leaf-wrapped Turkish dish DOLMA
Learned SAGE
Least sweet, maybe DRYEST
Loose, as laces UNTIED
Loved, loved, loved, with 'up' ATE
Makeshift knife SHIV
Mont Blanc, par exemple ALPE
Night before EVE
Nunavut people INUIT
Occupational suffix IER
Of two minds TORN
One of a record 2,297 for Hank Aaron RBI
One of five every seven WEEKDAY
Oolong or Darjeeling TEA
Org. that sells 'Speaking up for those who can't' T-shirts ASPCA
Pasture sound MOO
Periwinkle, by another name MYRTLE
Pirate's exclamation ARR
Play thing? PROGRAM
Prynne of 'The Scarlet Letter' HESTER
Publicly makes fun of, slangily, with 'on' DUNKS
Rae of 'Vengeance' ISSA
Rain checks? WIPERS
Raison d'___ ETRE
Rare treat, maybe STEAK
Reach a dental milestone TEETHE
Restrain, as breath BATE
Roman theater ODEUM
Set, as a security system ARM
Shade of blue AQUA
Sliced into thin strips, as carrots JULIENNED
Slithering swimmer EEL
Small tips, maybe ONES
Soak (up) SOP
Social movement that Teddy Roosevelt proclaimed 'the most American thing in America' CHAUTAUQUA
Soothsayer SEER
Sport-___ (vehicle) UTE
Square's length squared AREA
Start to see red GETANGRY
Stitched SEWN
Story that goes over one's head? ATTIC
Suppressed, as a story SATON
The Magic, on scoreboards ORL
Titular Austen heroine EMMA
U.S. intelligence org NSA
Verb for a biblical cup RUNNETH
Wait in the shadows LURK
Was accepted GOTIN
What might prompt nostalgia ENDOFANERA
What was exited during Brexit THEEU
When tripled, 'Blah, blah, blah' YADA
With these, one can surely walk on water SEALEGS
Word with eagle or green EYED
[Excuse me] AHEM
___ Centauri ALPHA
___ Haute, Ind TERRE
___-Hungarian Empire AUSTRO