New York Times - Jul 27 2023

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Clues Answers
'Como você ___?' ESTA
'I goofed!' OOPS
17-Across + 18-Across = 19-Across CORE
32-Across + 33-Across = 35-Across VERSE
40-Across + 42-Across = 43-Across FIND
56-Across + 57-Across = 59-Across BIND
Actor Werner of 'Jules and Jim' OSKAR
Attention-getting cry OVERHERE
Baby's boo-boo OWIE
Bars for checking people out UPCCODE
Bit of agitation SNIT
Bridge columnist Charles GOREN
Car with a 'bowtie' logo CHEVY
Card game that uses jokers CANASTA
Cavort PLAY
Clarifying words ASIN
Code material DNA
Contented sighs AAHS
Cost of a hand ANTE
Cube put down someone's shirt, in a prank ICE
Designation that's cheaper than 'vintage,' usually USED
Discharge EMIT
Early 20th-century art movement DADA
Enzyme in dairy pills LACTASE
Experience guilt, say FEELBAD
Feature of a wedding dress TRAIN
Flock members GEESE
For the ages EPIC
Foreign refusal NEIN
French friend AMI
Fruit in the liqueur patxaran SLOE
Garnish for a shrimp taco LIME
Group that often holds religious services in barns AMISH
Haul aboard LADE
Health abbr RDA
Hebrew name meaning 'ascent' ELI
Her first word was 'Bart' LISA
Hollywood's Howard RON
In which one dot represents an 'a' BRAILLE
Clues Answers
Invited to a movie, say ASKEDOUT
It's a personal matter TASTE
Item in a diner display PIE
Locale for the hustle and the funky chicken DISCO
Locale of the house depicted in 'American Gothic' IOWA
Morty's cartoon pal RICK
Most of 1999 NINES
N.F.L. team nicknamed Big Blue NYGIANTS
Not just a little VERY
Oklahoma city NNW of Oklahoma City ENID
Once menos tres OCHO
One on top of another on top of another .. PILE
Oscar nominee for 'Pollock' and 'The Truman Show' EDHARRIS
Rea ___, graphic designer who created The New Yorker's typeface and mascot IRVIN
Root in potpourri ORRIS
Route from Me. to Fla USONE
Schedule entries DATES
Set up again for billiards RERACK
Showcase Showdown guesstimate PRICE
Slushy brand ICEE
Some cats TOMS
Studio caution ONAIR
Submit ENTER
Swindles CONS
Take care of TEND
Take the ___ BAIT
The 2% of '2%' FAT
Things that are folded on a Scottish Fold cat EARS
Took to the streets RIOTED
Turns red, say DYES
Unlikely to speak first, say TIMID
Vaughn of 'True Detective' VINCE
What a pass may offer ACCESS
Where gummy bears were invented GERMANY
Word with dirty or car POOL
Words of rejection ITSANO