Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Aug 16 2023

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Clues Answers
"Fight Club" actor Jared LETO
"Superfood" berry ACAI
"The Lion King" lion NALA
"— the Walrus" IAM
"— who?" SEZ
2016 Olympics city RIO
Agatha Christie books MYSTERIES
Ale producers BREWERIES
Basketball star Bird SUE
Belly GUT
Bit of wit PUN
Body powder TALC
Boris' cartoon partner NATASHA
Cat doc VET
Catchall abbr ETC
Chocolate source CACAO
Close NEAR
Comestibles EATS
Computer key ESC
Craving LUST
D followers EFG
Enzyme suffix ASE
Farrow and Hamm MIAS
Favorite pal, in texts BFF
Fictional jungle swinger TARZAN
Foot fraction INCH
Garlicky mayo AIOLI
Helen of — TROY
Here, to Henri ICI
Hotshot BIGWIG
Itinerary word VIA
Jubilation GLEE
Life stories MEMOIRS
Clues Answers
Madonna's "La — Bonita" ISLA
Map lines (Abbr.) STS
Marseilles monarch ROI
Metal boxes TINS
Napa businesses WINERIES
Night school subj ESL
Opposite of "sans" AVEC
Pansy part PETAL
Poodle's name, perhaps FIFI
Sail support MAST
Scot's denial NAE
Seine city PARIS
Shock partner AWE
Sitarist Shankar RAVI
Slithery fish EEL
Squelched SATON
Stinging insect WASP
Store sign OPEN
Suitable APT
T-shirt size LARGE
Thick chunk SLAB
To the — degree NTH
Tower city PISA
Venus, to Serena SIS
Verne's traveler FOGG
Village People hit YMCA
Whatever amount ANY
Within (Pref.) ENTO
Youngsters TOTS