Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Aug 9 2023

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Clues Answers
1993 hip-hop classic by Ice Cube ITWASAGOODDAY
Acknowledged AVOWED
April forecast RAIN
Aquarium favorite TETRA
Beer barrel KEG
Challenged DARED
Creamy Italian dish RISOTTO
Cyndi Lauper's "— Bop" SHE
Discard SCRAP
Documentarian Ken BURNS
Easy gaits TROTS
English channel? BBC
Eve's guy ADAM
Fall from grace SIN
Feels faint SWOONS
Gator's kin CROC
Guided trips TOURS
Herbal drinks TEAS
Hitch SNAG
Hotel posting RATES
Jazz pianist whose '80s hit "Rockit" became a hip-hop classic HERBIEHANCOCK
JFK info ETA
Like fresh apples CRISP
Lima's land PERU
Luau necklace LEI
Mafia boss CAPO
Mine material ORE
Clues Answers
Morally strict PURITAN
Nicolas of "Moonstruck" CAGE
Online chats, briefly IMS
Orig. texts MSS
Painter Mondrian PIET
Partner of aches PAINS
Perfect IDEAL
Pink Floyd's Barrett SYD
Pollster's find TREND
Quiver contents ARROWS
Ravi's instrument SITAR
Rock producer Brian ENO
Russian rulers TSARS
Sacha Baron Cohen role BORAT
Snares TRAPS
Spigot TAP
Spy org CIA
Stormed RAGED
Supplies with staff MANS
Tin Man's need OIL
Tranquil SEDATE
Trousers PANTS
United — Emirates ARAB
Volcanic flow LAVA
Western resort lake TAHOE
Work units ERGS
Zwei follower DREI