USA Today - Aug 23 2023

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Clues Answers
'Easy A' star Stone EMMA
'Elephant Love ___' ('Moulin Rouge' song) MEDLEY
'I want what they have' feeling ENVY
'Sweeney ___' (Sondheim musical) TODD
'Teardrops on My ___' (Taylor Swift song) GUITAR
'The game is ___!' AFOOT
'Will do!' ONIT
'___This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?' (Springsteen song) DOES
Answered REPLIED
Appear to be SEEM
Baby jaguar CUB
Beams of sunlight RAYS
Become a puddle MELT
Bonobo, e.g APE
Caricaturist's tool PEN
Chocolate-and-caramel candy ROLO
Chocolate-covered graham cracker-and-marshmallow treat MOONPIE
Cola originally called 'Brad's Drink' PEPSI
Comets or Rockets, on scoreboards HOU
Contributes ADDS
Courier and Comic Sans FONTS
Covers with Charmin, for short TPS
Emcee's opener INTRO
EMDR might treat it TRAUMA
Events with thunder STORMS
Eye irritation STYE
Fashion magazine topics STYLES
Frequently OFTEN
Friend to do homework with STUDYBUDDY
Frying liquid OIL
Garment in Cora Harrington's 'In Intimate Detail' BRA
Get the components laid out for a game of Wingspan SETUP
Green prefix ECO
Hesitated FALTERED
It might be a good sign OMEN
It's raised with a raise INCOME
Clues Answers
Jeweled headpieces TIARAS
Just sat around LOAFED
Key to the left of Q TAB
Kit ___ bar KAT
Like K, in the alphabet ELEVENTH
Like pools in which you're unlikely to get sunburned INDOOR
Lover of Renaissance fairs, perhaps HISTORYBUFF
Mastercard alternative VISA
Nickname for Beyonce BEY
Niqab, for example VEIL
Notable periods ERAS
Overly curious NOSY
Person, place or thing NOUN
Pondered MUSED
Queens' subjects, in a hive WORKERBEES
Rainbow's shape ARC
Ripped TORE
Scorches SEARS
Shallowest Great Lake ERIE
Speedier FASTER
Stick around longer than expected LINGER
Still in contention ALIVE
Stressful experiences ORDEALS
Take a break REST
Tennis Hall of Famer Monica SELES
Texting during a meal, for some PEEVE
Things muddy dogs make MESSES
TV watcher VIEWER
Unaccompanied ALONE
Unhappy cat's sound HISS
Up to the job ABLE
Vast assortment ARRAY
World Cup cheer OLE
___ Verde National Park MESA
___ with (supporting in an argument) SIDING