USA Today - Aug 22 2023

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Clues Answers
'Barbie' actor Gosling RYAN
'Bearded' flower IRIS
'Because Freedom Can't Protect Itself' org ACLU
'Pong' company ATARI
'Put caution before anything else!' SAFETYFIRST
'Scream' star Campbell NEVE
'Skyfall' singer ADELE
'So adorable!' AWW
'Umbrella' singer, to fans RIRI
'Wow!' OHMAN
'___ be sorry!' YOULL
'___ Cumference and the First Round Table' (punny math book) SIR
Absolutely despise LOATHE
Ancient Greek philosopher PLATO
Applesauce brand MOTTS
Brainy SMART
Car horn's sound HONK
Church song HYMN
Competed in a marathon RACED
Conflict involving a hollow wooden horse TROJANWAR
Diva's solo ARIA
Dog's sound ARF
Evaluate ASSESS
Feeling little to no romantic attraction, for short ARO
Game, ___, match SET
Gem from an oyster PEARL
Have lunch EAT
Himalayan beast YAK
Hit the pool SWAM
Inbox junk SPAM
Invade someone else's Twitch stream RAID
Lightbulbs, metaphorically IDEAS
Like veggies served with ranch, often RAW
Lovely smell AROMA
Magician's exclamation PRESTO
March Madness org NCAA
Metal in pewter TIN
Musical interval between C and E, for example MAJORTHIRD
Mystical glow AURA
Clues Answers
NPR's Tiny ___ Concerts DESK
One of 36 cubes in Super Big Boggle DIE
Orange rind PEEL
Org. that approves medications FDA
Painter's garment SMOCK
Peaches and ___ CREAM
Pet doc VET
Pigpen STY
Pillow cover SHAM
Place to keep lipstick or a wallet PURSE
Private teachers TUTORS
Pronoun pair HEHIM
Quick profit EASYMONEY
Reef makeup CORAL
Ripped up TORN
Sailor's greeting AHOY
Salary increase RAISE
Shady, for short SUS
She/___ pronouns HER
Shelter pet's new, permanent family FOREVERHOME
Spanish for 'friend' AMIGO
Take the wheel DRIVE
Telekinesis and X-ray vision, e.g POWERS
The Mrs., lovingly WIFEY
Thundery weather STORM
Thus far YET
Tiki ___ (outdoor light) TORCH
Tiny adjustment occasionally added to Coordinated Universal Time LEAPSECOND
Toddler's boo-boo OWIE
Took a load off SAT
Two-time National Poetry Slam champion Beau SIA
Useful quality ASSET
Venomous Egyptian snakes ASPS
Wide assortment ARRAY
Word before 'engine' or 'party' SEARCH
Years and years AGES
___ browns HASH
___ up (absorb) SOP