USA Today - Aug 20 2023

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Clues Answers
'Do you have any fours?' game GOFISH
'Freshwater' author Akwaeke EMEZI
'Goodbye ___' (Chicks song) EARL
'In addition . . .' AND
'Kermit Drinking Tea,' for one MEME
'Later!' TATA
'Laughing' scavengers HYENAS
'Many moons ___ . . .' AGO
'Slippery' trees ELMS
'There totally is a resemblance' ISEEIT
'Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?' lifeline PHONEAFRIEND
'Why ___ not surprised?' AMI
2012 Rihanna hit STAY
Africa's longest river NILE
Australian city with a famous opera house SYDNEY
Bear ___ (pastry) CLAW
Big rig SEMI
Bit of dialogue LINE
Buddhist discipline ZEN
Celebrities' followers FANS
Chats online IMS
Chicago airport letters ORD
Copy room machine LASERPRINTER
Creative thoughts IDEAS
Custodian's tool MOP
Detach, like from a carabiner UNCLIP
Disposable piece of cutlery PLASTICFORK
Distributed cards DEALT
DMVs issue them IDS
Emotional states that might be detected by rings MOODS
Eugene's state (Abbr.) ORE
Film technique often used before a flashback FREEZEFRAME
Finnish phone brand NOKIA
Follow instructions OBEY
French for 'yes' OUI
Garlicky sauce AIOLI
Hat with a tassel FEZ
Hawaiian paste POI
Clues Answers
Her and my OUR
In the know AWARE
Isis Naija Gaston ___ Ice Spice AKA
Like low-fat pastrami LEAN
Lit class assignment ESSAY
Melon ___ (scoop for fruit) BALLER
Month before May APRIL
Native matriarch AUNTIE
Nutrient in quinoa IRON
Opening remarks INTRO
Paleozoic or Mesozoic ERA
Pepperidge Farm sandwich cookies MILANOS
Played on the radio AIRED
Prefix meaning 'tiny' MICRO
Prefix similar to 'ultra-' UBER
Sadness WOE
Scoundrels ROGUES
Scrubbed, like with steel wool SCOURED
Sense of self EGO
Shove PUSH
Skims over SCANS
Soft hue PASTEL
Stick handed off in a relay race BATON
Sushi topping such as tobiko or masago ROE
Tailor's concern FIT
Texter's 'Truthfully . . .' TBH
They call balls and strikes UMPS
Tiny particle ATOM
Tomorrow, in Spanish MANANA
Underground drainage system SEWER
Vietnamese soup PHO
Window ledges SILLS
Winning move in chess MATE
Yellow, mouselike Pokemon PIKACHU
___ and circumstance POMP
___ into (broached gently) EASED
___ sequitur NON
___ sheet (test-taking aid) CHEAT