USA Today - Aug 15 2023

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Clues Answers
'Love & Death' actress Elizabeth OLSEN
'Rats!' DARN
'They're just pretending!' ITSALLANACT
'This is the ___' END
'Ziwe' network, for short SHO
'___ Miserables' LES
'___ So High' ('90s hit) SHES
'___ You Gonna Be My Girl' ARE
Acquire GAIN
Audre Lorde, e.g POET
Banh ___ (Vietnamese New Year food) TET
Bitter beers ALES
Bread served with chicken tikka NAAN
Broadway, in NYC AVE
Burial place TOMB
Came from behind RALLIED
Cleaning cloth RAG
Cleans a bookshelf, say DUSTS
Congressional assistant AIDE
Croc's cousin GATOR
Crumb-carrying insect ANT
Cubes in a freezer ICE
Dependent RELIANT
Desert rest stops OASES
Devices that once had rotary dials TELEPHONES
Distressed jeans feature RIP
Drink made of unadulterated fermented grape juice NATURALWINE
Feel sick AIL
Fell while snowboarding ATEIT
Finger click that activated the Infinity Gauntlet SNAP
Fireplace schmutz ASH
Gillian Flynn novel-turned-HBO miniseries SHARPOBJECTS
Haim member who plays bass ESTE
Ill will SPITE
Impulsive RASH
In mint condition BRANDNEW
Intelligence org NSA
Clues Answers
Large barrel CASK
Like flavorful beef or cheddar AGED
Like gift cards PREPAID
List-ending abbreviation ETAL
Loses it in public MAKESASCENE
Lower appendage LEG
Magazine release ISSUE
Mallorca, por ejemplo ISLA
Moana in 'Moana,' e.g HERO
Moisture on grass DEW
Mouth part with a hinge JAW
Musical with the song 'Aquarius' HAIR
Nickname that drops '-art' STU
Night before a holiday EVE
One might be deciduous or evergreen TREE
Part of a book PAGE
Polynesian garland LEI
Reddit Q&A AMA
Remove a five o'clock shadow SHAVE
Restaurant's list of offerings MENU
Sexy selfie THIRSTTRAP
Shirin Ebadi's birth country IRAN
Slender family room fixture FLATSCREENTV
Soda container CAN
Some ER workers RNS
Steal from ROB
Steals the spotlight from UPSTAGES
Subreddit admin MOD
Succeed in life GOFAR
Tapers off WANES
Total buffoon ASS
Totes adorbs baby cats KITTIES
Venomous viper ASP
Walk a ___ in someone else's shoes MILE
What footballs are filled with AIR
Wile E. Coyote's explosive TNT
Yayoi Kusama, e.g ARTIST
[not my mistake!] SIC
___ dunk SLAM