L.A. Times Daily - Jul 13 2023

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Clues Answers
"Let me handle this" IGOTIT
"Listen!" HEY
"Raise your glass!" ATOAST
"This seems familiar" feeling DEJAVU
"__, Vikings": Minnesota fight song SKOL
*"Captain America: The First Avenger" star CHRISEVANS
*Gospel legend with the hit "Move On Up a Little Higher" MAHALIAJACKSON
*Nobel-winning mathematician portrayed in "A Beautiful Mind" JOHNNASH
*Tennis great for whom the ESPY Courage Award is named ARTHURASHE
A-lister VIP
Absence LACK
Archie's boss, in detective fiction NERO
Arctic diving bird AUK
Assert as true AVER
Bargain DEAL
Basement CELLAR
Blind components SLATS
Brief "That's wildly personal" TMI
Capital on the Red River Delta HANOI
Casual eatery BISTRO
Colonial soldiers? ARMYANTS
Comment said with a nudge HINTHINT
Condition STATE
Conditions IFS
Defense advisory gp NSC
Digitize, in a way SCAN
Far from ne'er OFT
Fellows MEN
Flamenco shout OLE
Four-award acronym EGOT
Good listeners? EARS
Green prefix ECO
Green prefix? NEO
Guitar pedal WAHWAH
Handling brilliantly ACING
Have more than a snack DINE
Clues Answers
In short order SOON
Insignia or LG product, for short LEDTV
Kayak kin CANOE
Like bargain-basement items ONSALE
Ltr. holder ENV
McEntire in the Country Music Hall of Fame REBA
McFlurry cookie OREO
Meditative discipline ZEN
Meteorologist's pressure line ISOBAR
NYC home of van Gogh's "Starry Night" MOMA
Obama-era legislation, initially ACA
Pays respect, in a way KNEELS
Personal ID SSN
Pessimist's phrase NOHOPE
Raw-bar need ICE
Reluctant LOATH
Rhododendron variety AZALEA
Rigorous HARSH
Scrooges MISERS
Shade HUE
Sharing a cultural identity ETHNIC
Sheepish one? EWE
Sheepish ones? OVINES
Some Pac-12 athletes UTES
Spam container CAN
Strong desires URGES
Tool with teeth COMB
Town targeted by the Grinch, and an apt description of the ends of the answers to the starred clues? WHOVILLE
Trader __ JOES
Voices against ANTIS
Volcano between Messina and Catania ETNA
Website bigwig, for short ADMIN
What absent-minded students play? HOOKY
__ hustle SIDE
__-gritty NITTY