The Telegraph - QUICK CROSSWORD NO: 30,348 - Jul 10 2023

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Clues Answers
Amaze, stagger STUN
Armed conflict WAR
As well as BESIDES
Coagulated part of milk CURD
Culinary herb THYME
Curry-flavoured soup MULLIGATAWNY
Disconcert UNNERVE
Exciting experience ADVENTURE
Extremely loyal TRUEBLUE
Lack of interest INDIFFERENCE
Legal document WRIT
Loud noise DIN
Martial art KUNGFU
Metallic element TIN
Clues Answers
Nothing more than MERE
Ostentatious jewellery BLING
Person in custody DETAINEE
Pigmeat PORK
Root vegetable BEET
Scandinavian country SWEDEN
Seize GRAB
Silver medallist RUNNERUP
Tear RIP
Teller of anecdotes RACONTEUR
Underground chamber CAVERN
Unhappy SAD
Useless; pudding DUFF
Young goat KID