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Clues Answers
"@" signs ATS
"Dream on!" GETREAL
"Grease" singer's big country home? VALLIVILLA
"Hound Dog" singer's noisy pet dogs? PRESLEYYELPERS
"Lean on Me" singer makes twisting movements? WITHERSWRITHES
"Sk8er Boi" singer making an exit? LAVIGNELEAVING
"That's someone — problem!" ELSES
"Toxic" singer dissects a sentence? SPEARSPARSES
"— in peace" ICOME
Actor Carroll O'— CONNOR
Actor Ferrell WILL
Actress Ward SELA
Angry look SCOWL
Back half of a 45 BSIDE
Binge-watching aid, in brief DVR
Botch it up ERR
Brand of 103-Across TIVO
By birth NEE
C.S. Lewis' fantasy world NARNIA
California city IRVINE
Cambodian money unit RIEL
Cartoon pic CEL
Chef's cover APRON
Choir voice TENOR
Coated with gunky stuff SLIMED
Consent (to) ACCEDE
Constitution part establishing the executive branch ARTICLEII
Contact by phone DIALUP
Creator of body designs TATTOOER
Cut (off) LOP
Czech-German river ELBE
Dalai — LAMA
Deli dish SLAW
Despot Idi AMIN
Diatribe deliverers RANTERS
Dijon dance VALSE
Dior dresses ALINES
Dog in "The Thin Man" ASTA
Drove fast BARRELED
Ellipsis part DOT
Family VIPs MAS
Final degree NTH
Fine fiddle STRAD
Five plus two SEVEN
Flynn of film ERROL
Freshens up RENEWS
Fuel dispenser GASPUMP
Funeral tunes ELEGIES
Go kaput DIE
Hawaiian string, of a sort LEI
Hawaiian strings, for short UKE
Hazard encountered by the "Thank U, Next" singer? GRANDEDANGER
Highway rig SEMI
Honey drink MEAD
Hoppy brew, for short IPA
Hushed "Hey!" PSST
ICU tubes IVS
Infirmity-free HALE
Insult in print LIBEL
Iota follower KAPPA
Italia's capital ROMA
Jai — ALAI
Jean Arp or Max Ernst DADAIST
Jetsons' dog ASTRO
John of plows DEERE
Key in ENTER
Clues Answers
Lacking hair BALD
Leah's father, in the Bible LABAN
Links org PGA
Lisa of "Soap Talk" RINNA
Lord's home ESTATE
Made untidy MESSED
Mail out SEND
Make drunk BESOT
Make up (for) ATONE
Many a stencil user LETTERER
Many a time OFT
Map no RTE
Ministers (to) TENDS
Morays, e.g EELS
Neuter, as a horse GELD
Not marked, as a test UNGRADED
Not stereo MONO
Off to — start (behind) ALATE
Ornamental tuft on a hat POMPOM
Painter's studio ATELIER
Part of QED ERAT
Part of RandR, in brief REC
Pay to a fired worker SEVERANCE
People studying to be docs PREMEDS
Person painting a portrait of the "All My Ex's Live in Texas" singer? STRAITARTIST
Poets' Muse ERATO
Port in Iraq BASRA
Prior to ERE
Pub missile DART
Pub potable BEER
Q-U linkup RST
Rarefied air ETHER
Redirect, as a train SHUNT
Refusals NOS
Relay, say RACE
Rich rocks ORES
Seattle-to-L.A. dir SSE
Set of nine ENNEAD
Singer Midler BETTE
Snatch GRAB
Soothe EASE
Spain's peninsula IBERIA
Splash, as cooking oil SPATTER
Stanley Cup org NHL
Stephen of the screen REA
Stir to action AROUSE
Subway system named after the "Careless Hands" singer? TORMEMETRO
Suffix with Sudan ESE
Sweatbox SAUNA
Sword parts EDGES
Syngman of South Korea RHEE
The Beatles' Rigby ELEANOR
Tony winner Judith IVEY
Toronto Maple — LEAFS
Total up COUNT
Totally ruins DOESIN
Trio in "mammal" EMS
Twisty turns ESSES
Unit of petrol LITRE
Unleash on LETAT
Very big bird EMU
Very sad tune from the "Sir Duke" singer? WONDERDOWNER
Wandered STRAYED
Webpage for devotees of the "Don't Speak" singer? STEFANIFANSITE
Whoppers LIES
X Games airer ESPN
— gin fizz SLOE
— gow poker PAI