Universal - Jul 4 2023

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Clues Answers
"Ben-___" HUR
"Bleeding Love" singer Lewis LEONA
"Elemental" studio DISNEY
"My word!" EGAD
"Science Guy" Bill NYE
"Smallville" character Lana LANG
"Star Trek Beyond" actor John CHO
"Well said!" AMEN
Almond or pecan NUT
Almond or pecan TREE
Alternative to more LESS
Americas Best Value ___ (hotel chain) INN
Annual reference book ALMANAC
Beast with a horn, for short RHINO
Becomes adept at (... letters 10-7) GETSAFEELFOR
Bicker ARGUE
Big bird EMU
Caramel candy brand ROLO
Catch in a web TRAP
Cleveland NBA team, for short CAVS
Comfort EASE
Concludes ENDS
Concur AGREE
D.C. MLB team NATS
Die spots PIPS
Dreads FEARS
Early Bond foe DRNO
Flaky mineral MICA
Follower of mit EDU
Fore's opposite, nautically AFT
Forms into a shape MOLDS
Glow such as a halo AURA
Go back in REENTER
Gobble (up or down) SNARF
Goodbye, in Grenoble ADIEU
Got out of bed AROSE
Greek alphabet's conclusion OMEGA
Clues Answers
Greek counterpart of Aurora EOS
Hair goop GEL
Heroic exploit DEED
Hot style TREND
Incur, as charges ... or a hint to this puzzle's indicated letters RUNUP
Latin word after "ad" or "post" HOC
Lawn tool for borders EDGER
Le ___ (Paris paper) MONDE
Like a fridge after midnight, sometimes RAIDED
Like many horses' hooves SHOD
Long, pointy weapon SPEAR
Major with the most programs, for short? COMPSCI
Meeting schedules AGENDAS
NCAA game channel ESPNU
Nickname for the future Darth Vader ANI
Norse god who wields the 24-Down Gungnir ODIN
Only character in all seven "Chronicles of Narnia" ASLAN
Pandora offering (... letters 11-8) INTERNETRADIO
Paper that ran a 27x27 crossword on Jul. 4, 1976 NYT
Parish priest VICAR
Potentially lethal Japanese delicacy FUGU
Purchasing attempt BID
Red state? IRE
Scoring attempt SHOT
Sheep noise BAA
Sick ILL
Singular or plural pronoun YOU
Staying with a series of people while traveling (In this answer, note letters 8-5) COUCHSURFING
Subject TOPIC
Summer hrs DST
Take badly? STEAL
The Peach State GEORGIA
Thighbone FEMUR
Unlikely to happen (... letters 11-8) NOTINTHECARDS
Very, very OHSO
Words from a fencer ENGARDE
Young 'un TOT