Universal - Jul 3 2023

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Clues Answers
"And I'd say ..." ASFORME
"Dough" MOOLA
"Hahaha!" LMAO
"Mean Girls" actress Gasteyer ANA
"Right you ___!" ARE
"The only thing we have to ___ is ___ itself" FEAR
"Wait just a ___!" SEC
"Young Sheldon" channel CBS
"___ alert!" SPOILER
Announcement awaited by many a student (and teacher!) SNOWDAY
Antonym of encipher DECODE
Baby talk syllable GOO
Bard's "before" ERE
Beer hall selection ALE
Big-eyed birds OWLS
Boat in many Native American cultures CANOE
Brewers' kilns OASTS
Broad neckwear item ASCOT
Bungle, as a big lead BLOW
Catan player SETTLER
Certain thief LOOTER
Design for a mountain cabin AFRAME
Do nothing IDLE
Driver's ed course obstacle CONE
Feeling of gloom PALL
Fit of agitation SNIT
Formally change AMEND
Fortune or Forbes, for short MAG
Get around on the internet GOVIRAL
Get nosy MEDDLE
Glances over SCANS
Grizzly, for one BEAR
Harden into bone OSSIFY
High-tech beams LASERS
Indy 500 champ Al UNSER
Clues Answers
Interior secretary Haaland DEB
Investigative journalist's filing FOIAREQUEST
Like thick vines ROPY
Mental CIA campaigns PSYOPS
Mil. truants AWOLS
Multipronged chess tactics FORKS
Nights of anticipation EVES
Nutritional stat RDA
One of two on a face EYE
Onetime carrier hidden in "Jetway" TWA
Parking area LOT
Part of a Netflix binge EPISODE
Person who gives their stamp of approval? NOTARY
Philly transit system SEPTA
Pianist's exercises ETUDES
Planet in a textbook from 1997 but not 2007 PLUTO
Prefaces ... or a hint to the first two letters in both parts of 16-, 23-, 47- and 56-Across FOREWORDS
Project that involves cutting and pasting COLLAGE
Quid pro ___ QUO
Repairs, as a roof TARS
Rice, for some cuisines STAPLE
Russian pancakes BLINI
Sawed logs SNORED
Second of the Holy Trinity SON
Short snoozes CATNAPS
Shout at YELLTO
Skin pic TAT
Small lie FIB
Soothing succulent ALOE
Take to a higher court APPEAL
They warm up the crowd OPENERS
Topped out PEAKED
Traditional cure FOLKREMEDY
Warning that affects consumers, in two ways FOODRECALL
Writing on modern elevator buttons BRAILLE
Zebra running on a field? FOOTBALLREF
___ Reader (alternative digest) UTNE