Boston Globe - Feb 6 2011

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Clues Answers
'...__ also to them likewise': Luke 6:31 DOYE
'I wouldn't if I were you' AHAH
'I'll be there' ITSADATE
'Le Coq __' DOR
'One down, __ go' TWOTO
'Polly __ cracker!' WANTA
'Quercus' members OAKTREES
'There's __ time for everything' AFIRST
'Tuesdays With Morrie' author Albom MITCH
'Twister' cast member GERTZ
'Wow!' OHGEE
'You've Made __ Very Happy' MESO
'__ Tag' GUTEN
A foot wide? EEE
Afterward THENCE
Alaskan entree SNOWCRAB
Antillean native CARIB
Applies a tourniquet STEMS
Attempts SHOTS
Available ONTAP
Beast of burden ASS
Becker rival EDBERG
Binary symbols ONES
Bivouacs CAMPS
Bk. before Job ESTH
Bombastic talk GAS
Boorish fellows YAHOOS
Botanist Gray ASA
Bull's hopes GAINS
Capital of Ghana ACCRA
Cauldron POT
Chicago superstation WGN
Chinese coins YUANS
Citi Field forerunner SHEA
Clothing-store section MENS
Cold War goings-on ARMSRACE
Commander Riker's portrayer FRAKES
Concede GRANT
Conflagrant AFIRE
Contest BOUT
Currency exchange statistic RATE
Cursive writing SCRIPT
D.H. Lawrence's '__ and Lovers' SONS
Damsel's post-rescue remark MYHERO
Destruction WRACK
Dr. Frankenstein et al. REANIMATORS
Durham sch. UNH
Easy __ ASABC
Elite alternative PICA
End of definition NOTQUITEAPANGRAM
Expiate ATONE
Fixed a hole in the roof, maybe RETOPPED
Flavor enhancer, for short MSG
Founded (abbr.) ESTAB
Four of __ AKIND
Gator's kin CROC
Gold measure KARAT
Goldfinger's first name AURIC
Gordon Sumner STING
Greeted with disapprobation HISSEDAT
Halloween figure HAG
Hambletonian handful REINS
Hardly any at all ATRACE
Hasbro hero GIJOE
Huge hit for Aretha RESPECT
IJsselmeer town EDAM
Intone CHANT
John of the WWE CENA
Clues Answers
Kerouac's place ROAD
Knight or Nugent TED
Laurie role HOUSE
Least friendly ICIEST
Legislative groups SENATES
Liszt or Lehar FRANZ
Literally, 'empty orchestra' KARAOKE
MapQuest find ROUTE
Marksman's asset GOODAIM
Mathematician Lovelace ADA
Meal on a stick KABOB
Myrmecophobe's worry ANTS
Nerdy sort DWEEB
Nimbus AURA
Not to mention OMIT
Nothing but net SWISH
Obies' milieu THEATER
Opposite of 67 Down THERE
Opposite of 98 Across HERE
Orthography challenge BEE
Pal of D'Artagnan ARAMIS
Part 2 of definition THATDESCRIBES
Part 3 of definition WHATMAKES
Part 4 of definition THISCROSSWORD
Pavilions TENTS
Perceived GOT
Plane tree SYCAMORE
Pop out EMERGE
Popular border resort TIJUANA
Potential bks. MSS
Pray preprandially SAYGRACE
Public-speaking master RHETOR
Pungent salad ingredient CRESS
Qwest Field athlete SEAHAWK
Rainy-day stashes NESTEGGS
Really beat TROUNCE
Reliever's success SAVE
Restricts HEMSIN
Reuben ingredient SWISS
Rhubarb SCRAP
Scored very well ACED
See 108 Across MEX
Sends packing SHOOS
Settle down ROOST
Simultaneously ATONCE
Sine-non link QUA
Skipjack and bluefin TUNAS
Some dadaist paintings ARPS
Star sacker STRAHAN
Start of a definition of 'Noel' CHRISTMASREFRAIN
Starts of long weekends (abbr.) FRIS
Stick with a kick TNT
Stomachs CRAWS
Swabbed assortment on 'CSI' DNAS
Take on HIRE
Teeny bit MITE
They know what you're thinking PSYCHICS
Tin (prefix) STANNI
Toss in ADD
Try, in Troyes ESSAI
Type measures EMS
Typefaces FONTS
Use steel wool on SCOUR
Vacationing OFF
Vegas casino-hotel MIRAGE
With 100 Down, popular cuisine TEX
With an __ (because of) EYETO
Withstand ABIDE
__ jackpot HITTHE