The Washington Post - Feb 6 2011

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Clues Answers
'How darling!' AWW
'It's enough to live on' IGETBY
2008 March Madness champions JAYHAWKS
All-Star Toronto pitcher Dave who threw a no-hitter on September 2, 1990 STIEB
Balmy NUTS
Bandleader for the original recording of 'All I Want for Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)' SPIKEJONES
Be attractive, to Brits LOOKATREAT
Ben's 'Pearl Harbor' role RAFE
Bickering ATIT
Big name in skin care CLINIQUE
Biol. branch ANAT
Bit of a jerk? TWITCH
Boring thing SNORE
Breaks down SOBS
Catholic fraternal org. KOC
College figure ENROLLMENT
Council SYNOD
Crack AONE
Cries of discovery OHOS
Crotchety call BAH
Direct to another entry, say CROSSREFER
Drew in kids' books NANCY
Early photos SEPIAS
Executor, often: Abbr. ATTY
Film role for Skippy ASTA
Folksy frontier name DANL
Footnote abbr. ETAL
Gaelic 'Lordy!' OCH
Getting to know someone, maybe OUTONADATE
Goes through repeated phases CYCLES
Grayish SLATY
Have an unobstructed view SEECLEARLY
Hawaiian storms KONAS
High pitch that might hurt your ear? BEANBALL
Clues Answers
Home land YARD
Ideal finish? IST
Innocent PURE
It doesn't air adverts BBC
Johnny Cash concert venue of February 1969 SANQUENTIN
Kansas City Royals manager Yost NED
Lesotho surrounder: Abbr. RSA
Loser to Pedro for Best Original Screenplay of 2002 NIA
Maisons, across the Pyrenees CASAS
Metric distances: Abbr. KMS
Minor imperfection WART
Musical highlights SOLI
Neighborly get-together BLOCKPARTY
One at the top of the celestial hierarchy SERAPH
One who's busy the night before opening day? SANTA
Perfumery word EAU
Poetic negative NEER
Portmanteau word coined by Lewis Carroll that's a happy sound CHORTLE
Question thoroughly CATECHIZE
Reduced in force ATTENUATED
Rhoda's sister BRENDA
Russian news acronym ITAR
Some government agents TMEN
Sound of satisfaction AAH
Stand by for AWAIT
Stuffed ___ (kishke) DERMA
Subject of the last of John Keats's 1819 odes AUTUMN
Tactic to make a contract ENDPLAY
Takes too much, briefly ODS
To some extent PARTLY
Tropical drink BAHAMAMAMA
Tubular sweet BRANDYSNAP
Voicer of ugly stepsister Doris in three 'Shrek' movies LARRYKING