L.A. Times Daily - Jun 30 2023

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Clues Answers
"Bill Nye the Science Guy" staple EXPERIMENT
"Mic Drop" K-pop band BTS
"Seascape" playwright ALBEE
"The Candy House" novelist Jennifer EGAN
"You'll get a kick out of this ... " FUNNYSTORY
36-Across, e.g BEND
ACLU focus RTS
Advanced HS English course APLIT
Annual presidential address, for short SOTU
Any of the Tetons: Abbr MTN
Arm bone ULNA
Attraction to certain electric cars? TESLAMAGNETISM
Baltimore-to-Ocean City dir SSE
Best of the best ELITE
Captain America co-creator Jack KIRBY
Casual meeting SESH
Cloverleaf segments OFFRAMPS
Cosmetics giant that annually honors "Women of Worth" LOREAL
Dated telecommunication request FAXME
Diagrams on golf score cards, often MAPS
Education acronym STEM
Extra charge FEE
Falsehood LIE
Fashion arbiter TASTEMAKER
Feminine pronoun SHE
Flower BLOOM
France's longest river LOIRE
French infinitive ETRE
Furniture chain that is developing a 3D-printed meatball IKEA
Gen __ XER
German auto AUDI
Ginger __ ALE
Give permission LET
Group with a Brain Training app MENSA
Kurylenko of "Black Widow" OLGA
Lap top protector NAPKIN
Lock screen readout TIME
Clues Answers
Loudness of a kiss? PECKVOLUME
Member of the underground economy? MINER
Mex. title SRTA
Milne bear POOH
Minor disruption BLIP
MLB semifinal NLCS
Not as current OLDER
Number of times one rents a car? HERTZFREQUENCY
Ode creator POET
Omega-shaped curve in a river OXBOW
Oral health org ADA
Parrot in Disney's "Aladdin" IAGO
Penicillin, for one ANTIBIOTIC
Pentathlon sword EPEE
Place to retire INN
Prefix with political GEO
Quantity of dirt displaced by a burrowing garden pest? MOLEAMOUNT
Religion based on the spiritual teachings of Guru Nanak SIKHISM
Rugged ride, briefly ATV
Secure SAFE
Secure SNUG
Sephora rival ULTA
Serene QUIET
Serene ZEN
Sign of summer? LEO
Smudge BLUR
Springfield barkeep MOE
Sticky situation JAM
Swiss artist Paul KLEE
Tech review site CNET
Third studio album re-released as a "Taylor's Version" SPEAKNOW
Triangular sails JIBS
Tyke TOT
Volcano on Sicily ETNA
Web gateway co ISP
Zoom meeting option MUTE
__ and chips FISH