Universal - Jun 30 2023

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Clues Answers
"Average" guy JOE
"Buona ___" (Italian for "Good evening") SERA
"I have something to say ..." AHEM
"Jeopardy!" creator Griffin MERV
"Rebel Without a Cause" star JAMESDEAN
48-Down garnish MINT
Actress Sorvino MIRA
Appraise ASSESS
Approximately, datewise CIRCA
Asian country whose flag has five sides NEPAL
Award for Tiger Woods ESPY
Basketball and hockey venues ARENAS
Becomes less agitated CALMS
British boys' school ETON
Change back to zero RESET
Color of el mar AZUL
Command for Fido that bookends this clue COME
Cuban cocktail MOJITO
Eight-time Grammy winner who sang "Sweet Love" ANITABAKER
Expand, as a business UPSIZE
Factual TRUE
Farewell, in Fukuoka SAYONARA
Fired AXED
First Bond film DRNO
Former Apple CEO who could aptly supervise 19-, 28- and 46-Across, based on his and their last names? STEVEJOBS
Gem darker than a ruby GARNET
Graph line AXIS
Identify online TAG
Important things BIGDEALS
In need of directions LOST
Intrinsically PERSE
Japanese writing system KANJI
Knights' titles SIRS
Leave no space in FILL
Like blue whales ENORMOUS
Like some slick roads ICY
Luxury division of Honda ACURA
Many an email from a Nigerian prince SCAM
Measuring stick RULER
Clues Answers
Motor oil maker STP
Needs for Zoom meetings, briefly CAMS
Neighbor of Iraq IRAN
Nowhere to be found: Abbr AWOL
Objectives AIMS
One might argue with a sommelier WINESNOB
Parking structure GARAGE
PC key below Home END
Prix fixe ___ MENU
Region AREA
Regular pay WAGE
Restaurant review site YELP
Ring match BOUT
Sacks for an emergency GOBAGS
Sandwich with two spreads, briefly PBJ
Scratchy voice RASP
Shiny balloon material MYLAR
Shirts launched from cannons TEES
Singles ONES
Sound's partner SAFE
Steve Urkel, famously NERD
Stretched one's neck CRANED
Study all night, say CRAM
The Buckeye State OHIO
The Jets and the Sharks GANGS
They're trained in CPR EMTS
Tie, in chess DRAW
Trojan War poem ILIAD
Trumpets' section BRASS
Urge along EGGON
What might have a lobster on it BIB
Wolfed down ATEUP
Word before "trap" or "roller" LINT
World Cup champion Lionel MESSI
Yankee who hit 62 home runs in 2022 AARONJUDGE
Yoga need MAT
___ noir PINOT