Universal - Jun 21 2023

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Clues Answers
"Acid" LSD
"Bidding is over!" SOLD
"Don't say I didn't ___ you ..." WARN
"End the ___" (mental health motto) STIGMA
"I'll pay!" ONME
"Killing Eve" network BBC
"Naughty!" TSK
"Orinoco Flow" singer ENYA
"That's a bummer!" AWMAN
"That's enough flattery!" OHSTOP
"This debt shall be repaid" note IOU
$$$ execs CFOS
Author Morrison TONI
Banish EXILE
Barrel-shaped drums CONGAS
Blank stares ... from the new hires at a pastry shop, perhaps? GLAZEDLOOKS
Bunny's jump HOP
Canoeing need OAR
Card that's worth 15 points in Liverpool rummy ACE
Certain MMA victory TKO
Coors product BEER
Creature in Starbucks' logo SIREN
D&D superfan, maybe GEEK
Do ___ (drive in circles) DONUTS
Dracula's garment CAPE
Emancipation Proclamation prez ABE
Enjoy a long bath SOAK
Fiber-rich berry ACAI
Fish named for its long, thin body SNAKEEEL
Flat-bodied creature named for its beaklike face EAGLERAY
Former CNN anchor Paula ZAHN
Golden Gate ___ BRIDGE
Gospel author STLUKE
Hurdles for students EXAMS
Isn't fictional EXISTS
It may let the dogs out PETDOOR
It's found backward in "two strands," aptly DNA
Italian bread? EURO
Clues Answers
Kicks out BOOTS
Landmark FDR program NEWDEAL
Late afternoon meal HIGHTEA
Light beige ECRU
Like a noisy Chihuahua YAPPY
Like the creatures at 17-, 26-, 37- and 51-Across, jokingly? AMPHIBIOUS
Liza Minnelli's voice type ALTO
Look after TEND
Martians, e.g ETS
Minnow named for its stripes ZEBRAFISH
Not get any younger AGE
Noteworthy times ERAS
Ocean predator named for its patterned skin TIGERSHARK
Opal or jade GEM
Pay-___-view PER
Persian ruler SHAH
Piquancy ZEST
Post-Pilates pain ACHE
Prerelease versions BETAS
Said explicitly STATED
Smashing successes BIGHITS
So last year PASSE
Spreadsheet lines ROWS
Techie's news site CNET
Texters' pieces of evidence in an argument SCREENSHOTS
The "S" of SOHCAHTOA, in trig SINE
Took a load off SAT
TV-silencing button MUTE
Type of wood ... or what's left after burning that wood ASH
Up-tempo jazz style BEBOP
Use profanity CURSE
Vehicle with caterpillar treads CRAWLER
Without a pause INONEGO
x, y or z AXIS
Zeus' mother RHEA
___ Miss OLE
___-Cola COCA