Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jul 11 2023

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Clues Answers
"Lion King" villain SCAR
"Sad to say ..." ALAS
"Trust Exercise" author Susan CHOI
$ dispenser ATM
Abrupt turn ZAG
African evergreen tree TAMARIND
Antiviral medication TAMIFLU
Arg. neighbor BOL
Busy insect ANT
Cain's dad ADAM
Cantina servings TAMALES
Cuts into cubes DICES
Disencumbers RIDS
Feathery neckpiece BOA
Fed. agents GMEN
Fourth-yr. students SRS
Get lippy SASS
Glitz partner GLAM
Goat's plaint MAA
Grecian vessels URNS
Greek cheese FETA
Harrow rival ETON
Heroic tales SAGAS
Home to the Buccaneers TAMPABAY
In shape FIT
Interferes (with) TAMPERS
Last (Abbr.) ULT
Layered cookie OREO
Marshy inlet BAYOU
Martini garnishes OLIVES
McCourt memoir TIS
Monk's title DOM
Neither mate NOR
Clues Answers
New Mexico resort TAOS
Orchestral gongs TAMTAMS
Pack cargo STOW
Pear-shaped fruit FIG
Perry's creator ERLE
Raised ridge WELT
Red — beet ASA
Saute FRY
Skier Tommy MOE
Smidgen TAD
Some August babies LEOS
Spinning stat RPM
Spoils, with "on" DOTES
Starring role LEAD
Stir-fry veggie PEAPOD
Stylish CHIC
Supermodel Benitez ELSA
Swerve VEER
Swiss river AARE
Taxi costs FARES
Tempe sch ASU
Text of a film SCRIPT
Tic-tac-toe win OOO
Toned down MUTED
Top-notch AONE
Tranquil SEDATE
Travel WEND
TV Tarzan Ron ELY
Use a ray gun ZAP
Vegas opener LAS
Vicinity AREA
Witty ones WAGS
WWW access enabler ISP