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Clues Answers
"Dies —" (hymn) IRAE
"Get —" (John Travolta film) SHORTY
"Glass half full" attitude OPTIMISM
"I Am Woman" singer Helen REDDY
"Love Story" novelist Segal ERICH
"Mazel —!" TOV
"SOS" band ABBA
"The devil — the details" ISIN
"The Wild Wild West" actor ROBERTCONRAD
"— I supposed to know?" HOWAM
Acquiesce, figuratively ROLLOVERANDPLAYDEAD
Actress Jessica ALBA
Alabama-to-Illinois dir NNW
Aleve rival ANACIN
Alley- — OOP
Allude to HINTAT
Angled BENT
Apt thing to drive on while pondering this puzzle's theme? DIVIDEDHIGHWAY
Ask earnestly PRAY
Ask earnestly BEG
Atop, to poets OER
Beginner's painting class ARTI
Boils a little BLANCHES
Born, on a society page NEE
Buff up POLISH
Chat with TALKTO
Chi preceder PHI
Clarinetist Shaw ARTIE
CNN political commentator Ana NAVARRO
Comic actor Mayall RIK
Comic Foxx REDD
Creator of Oz BAUM
Crooner Damone VIC
Cure- — (panaceas) ALLS
Darjeeling or pekoe INDIANTEA
Darth Vader, in boyhood ANI
Depend on LOOKTO
Deprived of parental care ORPHANED
Drink mixer TONIC
Eight x five FORTY
Ex-Giant Mel OTT
Exist ARE
Fasten shut SEAL
Fine-food fan EPICURE
Fishhook part BARB
Fizzling thing DUD
Flatware item FORK
For only the price of production ATCOST
Fruit drinks ADES
Gallivant GAD
Gather in REAP
Germany's Helmut KOHL
Go off script ADLIB
Golf target HOLE
Golfer's peg TEE
Gumbo vegetable OKRA
Having a basic knowledge of arithmetic NUMERATE
Having vulgar interests LOWMINDED
Here, in Arles ICI
Hi- — image RES
Hitter Griffey KEN
Ho-hum thing BORE
Ill-mannered RUDE
Imminently SOON
In time past ONCE
Incorporates gradually PHASESIN
Initially ATFIRST
Clues Answers
It's east of Croatan Sound ROANOKEISLAND
JFK posting ETA
John of lawn tractors DEERE
Knight's title SIR
Lend — (pay attention) ANEAR
Lively frolic ROMP
Loaf flavored with a certain fragrant herb ROSEMARYBREAD
Lock go-with KEY
Make public AIR
Many a song by Journey or Chicago ROCKBALLAD
Med. plan HMO
Mined metals ORES
Minister's study: Abbr REL
Minstrel poet BARD
Miracle- — GRO
Mo. in spring APR
Neighbor of Croatia BOSNIA
Neighbor of Croatia SERBIA
Neighbor of Yemen OMAN
Not alfresco INSIDE
Noted Deco master ERTE
Oklahoma city ENID
Old Valerie Harper role RHODA
Pakistan's largest city KARACHI
Paper opinion pieces OPEDS
Per unit EACH
Popular video-sharing service TIKTOK
Pound pen CAGE
Rajiv or Indira GANDHI
Rarely used golf club ONEIRON
Read hastily SCAN
River islet AIT
Salty Greek cheese FETA
São — (largest of the Cape Verdes) TIAGO
Self-help writer LeShan EDA
Siouan tribe member OTOE
Site-to-site transfer of data REMOTEUPLOAD
Sizable sofas DIVANS
Social insect ANT
Some antique autos REOS
Sousaphone, e.g TUBA
Sousaphone, e.g HORN
Southeast Kansas city IOLA
Spectators' loud cheers ROAROFTHECROWD
Speechifies ORATES
Stare GAZE
Stared at EYED
Suffix with journal ESE
Supermodel Wek ALEK
Switch to second gear, maybe UPSHIFT
Temporary, as a committee ADHOC
Terminus END
The Rhine flows into it NORTHSEA
Thermal or lateral lead-in ISO
To and — FRO
Turn to ice FREEZE
U.S. capital's vicinity DCAREA
Unlace, e.g LOOSEN
Up until now ASYET
Virgil epic AENEID
Vocalist Sumac YMA
Vote in favor YEA
Wild West sheriff's badge TINSTAR
— -Magnon CRO
— center (community facility) REC
— parmigiana VEAL