USA Today - Jul 23 2023

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Clues Answers
'A Chorus Line' number ONE
'A Litany for Survival,' e.g POEM
'Do my eyes deceive me?' ISITREAL
'Thunderstruck' band ACDC
'Tick, Tick . . . Boom!' actress Alexandra SHIPP
'Turtles All the Way ___' (YA novel) DOWN
'What a shame' SOSAD
'You're not serious, are you?' ISTHISAJOKE
'___ seen enough' IVE
A fan of INTO
Ballet bend PLIE
Basic principle TENET
Boast BRAG
Butcher, baker or candlestick maker JOB
Choose OPT
Collection of several small dishes served as a meal TASTINGMENU
Confront angrily ACCOST
Dancer and YouTuber JoJo SIWA
Device that requires a PIN ATM
Distance close enough to eavesdrop EARSHOT
Folded Mexican food TACO
Form of sushi MAKI
Go out with DATE
God who wields Mjolnir THOR
Goes out with SEES
In the ___ hours of morning WEE
Insurance COVERAGE
Like a person openly celebrating at Pride OUT
Like members of the largest federally recognized tribe in the U.S CHEROKEE
Like most thrift shop clothes USED
Like sandpaper COARSE
Likely to tip over TOPHEAVY
Made a disadvantage into an advantage TURNEDTHETABLES
Mailed or faxed SENT
Mexican money PESOS
Misbehaves ACTSUP
Motorized two-wheelers EBIKES
Neckline shape VEE
Nobel Peace Center city OSLO
Clues Answers
Observed Yom Kippur ATONED
Officially withdraw SECEDE
One might be clipped on a lapel MIC
One might be worn under a sheer dress SLIP
One might close a bread bag TWISTTIE
Oscar winner Ariana DEBOSE
Pair on a babymoon, probably COUPLE
Pants edge HEM
Places to get body scrubs SPAS
Pointers TIPS
QB's units (Abbr.) YDS
Quiet 'Hey!' PSST
Replaced, like an incumbent UNSEATED
Revise EDIT
Rocks, at the bar ICE
Sand dune transport, for short ATV
Says a bad word CUSSES
Seizes TAKES
Sets aside RESERVES
Six-point NFL plays TDS
Small donkey BURRO
Small unit of weight GRAM
Some ACT takers SRS
Stretched tightly TAUT
Taunt GIBE
Tempeh ingredient SOY
The p in mpg PER
Their and my OUR
Things that are hard to look at EYESORES
Tiny cracker morsel CRUMB
Towel holder ROD
TV accessories sometimes lost in the couch REMOTES
Venmo alternative CASHAPP
What candles on a birthday cake represent AGE
Wrapped Asian garment KIMONO
Wrapped Asian garment SARI