USA Today - Jul 22 2023

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Clues Answers
'Don't say anything!' NOTAWORD
'I can ___ why you'd think that' SEE
'Imagine Me & You' actress Lena HEADEY
'It ain't over ___ it's over' TIL
'Once you ___ me, you negate me' LABEL
'Psychobabble' co-host Oakley TYLER
'The Fresh Prince of ___-Air' BEL
'There's a hole in my boat!' SOS
'Time to hit the road!' LETSROLL
'Which is it gonna be?' YESORNO
'___ Name Is George Floyd' (Pulitzer Prize-winning book) HIS
App with Reels INSTA
Approves OKS
Arroz ___ cubana ALA
Bunches of LOTSA
Cantina sauces SALSAS
Cars and bikes have them GEARS
Chemist's eyewear SAFETYGOGGLES
Claudia Rankine and Terrance Hayes, e.g POETS
Clump of dirt CLOD
Come off as SEEM
Commercials ADS
Company whose spokesduck screams its name AFLAC
Condition that pimple patches might treat ACNE
Country south of Saudi Arabia YEMEN
Courteous fellow GENT
Crossing guards help people cross them (Abbr.) STS
Cry loudly WAIL
Cul-de-___ SAC
Doofus DWEEB
Einstein ___ Bagels BROS
Enjoyed some chow fun ATE
Evaluate ASSESS
Go off script ADLIB
Happily ___ after EVER
Head over heels INLOVE
Hoptimus Prime, for one IPA
Item in the plus column ASSET
Clues Answers
Lamb's mom EWE
Like spoken exams ORAL
Losing brightness FADING
Made do GOTBY
Majestic REGAL
Many Sharon Olds poems ODES
Matchup that draws local fans HOMEGAME
Midday snoozes NAPS
Not glossy MATTE
Performers' platforms STAGES
Piece of grass BLADE
Places for pups to hang with other pups while you're away DOGGYDAYCARES
Pop star Rita ORA
Really fixates on something OBSESSES
Refused to pass HOGGEDTHEBALL
Reusable bag TOTE
Scattered, like seeds SOWED
Scot's 'no' NAE
Sinusitis treater ENT
Skillfully ABLY
Soccer great Krieger ALI
Speedy FAST
Stockholm native SWEDE
Streamer's annoyance LAG
Swell up BLOAT
Swimwear line with a boomerang logo SPEEDO
Take a load off REST
Tingle-inducing video genre (Abbr.) ASMR
Tired and out of it GROGGY
Tripoli's country LIBYA
Unchallenging class EASYA
Unspoken TACIT
Walk you might bring trekking poles on HIKE
What staples are made out of METAL
Words denying consent NOS
___ Angeles LOS
___ B. Wells-Barnett IDA
___ Schemmenti ('Abbott Elementary' character) MELISSA