L.A. Times Daily - Jun 19 2023

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Clues Answers
"Are you calling me __?" ALIAR
"Frozen" snowman who sings "In Summer" OLAF
"Magic __ House": kid-lit series TREE
"Succession" actor Ruck ALAN
"The Possibilities Are Beautiful" cosmetics superstore ULTA
"The Secret Life of Walter __" MITTY
Abbr. in a high-rise address APT
Ages and ages EONS
Asian desert GOBI
Back in fashion RETRO
Bagpiper's wear KILT
Ballerina descriptor PRIMA
Body spray brand AXE
Bundle of bills WAD
Burn the tips of SINGE
Cherish ADORE
Chincoteague horse PONY
Chitchat GAB
City on a harbor SEAPORT
Commandment word NOT
Dab with a tissue BLOT
Destitute POOR
Donald Glover's "Community" role TROY
Early Renaissance painter __ della Francesca PIERO
Exceptional job vacancy? GRANDOPENING
Exceptional lithograph? FINEPRINT
Exceptional place to play tennis? SUPREMECOURT
Exceptional plantain? TOPBANANA
Extremely chill ZEN
Flat-bottomed boat SCOW
Florida squad that was the first to win two World Series titles as a wild-card team MARLINS
Former flames EXES
Foy of "The Crown" CLAIRE
Glacier chunk BERG
Gondolier's stick POLE
Heavenly headwear HALO
Hold on to KEEP
Jewish ceremony for a newborn son BRIS
Language student's challenge IDIOM
Clues Answers
Lickety-split FAST
Lugged TOTED
Mental picture IMAGE
Miscellany OLIO
Modeling medium CLAY
Morning cuppa JAVA
Mortgage, often HOMELOAN
On edge TESTY
Opposite of WNW ESE
Oregon Trail traveler, e.g SETTLER
Patella's place KNEE
Picked up the tab PAID
Plow-pulling team OXEN
Pro sports VIP OWNER
Professional parker VALET
Prove wrong REFUTE
Reach peak flavor RIPEN
Sassy PERT
Similar ALIKE
Spinning classroom spheres GLOBES
Sprang LEAPT
Spread, as cream cheese SMEARED
Stand-up comic's material JOKES
Strong desires YENS
Suds source SOAP
Summer shirts TEES
Swiss __: leafy vegetable CHARD
Take down with a wrecking ball RAZE
Targets of Terro bait traps ANTS
Teeny-tiny WEE
Therefore THUS
Toward the stern AFT
Waters between continents OCEANS
Weather map line ISOBAR
x or y, on graphs AXIS
__ out a living: just get by EKE
__ Spunkmeyer cookies OTIS
__-choice test MULTIPLE