L.A. Times Daily - Jun 18 2023

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Clues Answers
"Danny and the Dinosaur" writer Hoff SYD
"Hamilton" creator MIRANDA
"Moll Flanders" author DEFOE
"Sad trombone" sound WAHWAH
"See how the morning __ her golden gates": Shakespeare OPES
"That's just nasty" UGH
"To __ it mildly!" PUT
"Woe is me!" ALAS
"Yikes!" ACK
*Baker's digits? BUTTERFINGERS
*Comic's humerus? FUNNYBONE
*Gingerbread man's chomper? SWEETTOOTH
*Rocket scientist's trap? SMARTMOUTH
*Smurf's plasma? BLUEBLOOD
*Snowman's joint? COLDSHOULDER
*Soda jerk's noggin? FOUNTAINHEAD
*Witch's dialect? WICKEDTONGUE
1995 NL Rookie of the Year Hideo NOMO
2023 Kentucky Derby winner MAGE
81-Down resident HEN
Accepted doctrine ORTHODOXY
Actress Skye IONE
Aegean region that includes Athens ATTICA
Annoys a little MIFFS
Argentine tennis player Juan Martín __ Potro DEL
Ariz. neighbor CALIF
Asian cuisine with drunken noodles and massaman curry THAI
Auxiliary rockets, for short RETROS
Avian crop CRAW
Balkan native SLAV
Bill of fare MENU
Billy Joel's "__ Got a Way" SHES
Boarding pass information SEAT
Breaks a commandment SINS
Brief survey APERCU
Calculator button MINUS
Chi-Town daily, with "the" TRIB
Chimney residue SOOT
Christian sch. in Tulsa ORU
Citizen of a Polynesian archipelago TONGAN
Cloth measure YARD
Crèche figure ASS
Crèche figure ANGEL
Depend (on) RELY
Diagnostic pics MRIS
Disciple of Laotzu TAOIST
Doctrine suffix ISM
Doggie POOCH
Dust cloth RAG
Emotionally demanding NEEDY
Empire State canal ERIE
Fed. benefits agency SSA
Feline grooming sites CATSPAS
Fish-eating bird ERNE
Fit together neatly NEST
Focused gp ASSN
Former sea in Central Asia ARAL
French article UNE
French Calvinist of the 16th and 17th centuries HUGUENOT
Game-enhancing toy by Nintendo AMIIBO
Gave the once-over EYED
Geologic age EON
Gestation location WOMB
Glitzy gathering GALA
Golfer's goal PAR
Greek campus group FRAT
Greet warmly WELCOME
Grew ashen PALED
Hammed it up EMOTED
Holy scrolls TORAHS
Insect appendage ANTENNA
Clues Answers
Insect that resembles a locust CICADA
Italian rumbler ETNA
Jazz drummer Max ROACH
JV player, perhaps SOPH
Kid-lit character who says, "It's not much of a tail, but I'm sort of attached to it" EEYORE
Killer whale ORCA
Kitchen bulbs ONIONS
L.A. suburb mentioned in Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'" RESEDA
Ladder step RUNG
Leaf (through) PAGE
Left, on un mapa OESTE
Login handles USERIDS
Luau wreaths LEIS
Make off with TAKE
Map dot CITY
Marine creatures SEALIFE
Mega- or giga- ending BYTE
Messing of "Will & Grace" DEBRA
Miata maker MAZDA
Military group UNIT
New Haven alumni ELIS
NFL stat ATT
Nonverbal communication, and what can be found in the answers to the starred clues? BODYLANGUAGE
Not as prosperous POORER
Not learned INNATE
Nutmeg spice MACE
Official at Oberlin, e.g DEAN
On in years AGED
Organ array PIPES
Oscar-winning film featuring a bunny named Judy Hopps ZOOTOPIA
Outfielder Ramirez who won two World Series with the Red Sox MANNY
Perfectly TOAT
Preadolescent TWEEN
Pressure for payment DUN
Printer spec DPI
Psych 101 topic EGO
Puff up BLOAT
Recon acquisition INTEL
Runners in hot weather: Abbr ACS
Salinger title heroine ESME
Scand. nation SWED
Secured, in a way TIEDON
Silk ties OBIS
Slopes headgear SKICAP
Smooch KISS
Sneaker strings SHOELACES
Some autobahn autos BMWS
Soon, poetically ANON
Stop, in Strasbourg ARRET
Structure with layers? COOP
Teller of tall tales LIAR
Tijuana pair DOS
Tots seasoning SALT
Traffic blocker? NARC
Ultimate degree NTH
Umami source, briefly MSG
Unfavorable renown NOTORIETY
Unfreeze, as a plane's wing DEICE
Verse writer POET
Walter Mitty creator James THURBER
Widely known FAMOUS
Wine grape PINOT
Wiretapping org NSA
Withdraws to safety EVACUATES
Word of thanks MERCI
[Not my mistake] SIC
__ annual basis ONAN
__ nut chewing BETEL
__ vision XRAY