New York Times - Jun 14 2023

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Clues Answers
'Behold!,' to Brutus ECCE
'Cómo ___?' ESTA
'Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men ___ it': Shaw DREAD
'Not exactly ...' YESANDNO
'Not safe for work' stuff SMUT
'Not something I needed to know,' in a text TMI
'Not too shabby!' AOK
'Not ___ million years!' INA
'Supernatural' actor Collins MISHA
A block or so away, say NEAR
Alan with six Emmys ALDA
Alaska senator Murkowski LISA
Annual award presented by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America NEBULA
Barefoot, say SHOELESS
Bygone Apple messaging app ICHAT
Emasculate UNMAN
Get out of Dodge, say FLEE
Go off course YAW
Goes here and there like a butterfly FLITS
Hearts or darts GAME
Insist no more RELENT
Jack London's 'Martin ___' EDEN
Japanese watchmaker SEIKO
Louise's partner of film THELMA
Major fashion magazine ELLE
Major mattress maker SEALY
Maravich in the Basketball Hall of Fame PETE
Missions, informally OPS
More mature RIPER
Mosaic piece TILE
National airline of Poland LOT
Not a fan HATER
Not a good look LEER
Not a liability ASSET
Not doing anything IDLE
Not doing anything FREE
Not entirely: Prefix SEMI
Not for a fee PROBONO
Not getting enough iron ANEMIC
Clues Answers
Not have LACK
Not having scored, in soccer NIL
Not in the dark about UPON
Not know from ___ ADAM
Not on the same page ATODDS
Not one's landline number CELL
Not ones to miss MUSTSEES
Not participate openly on social media LURK
Not perfectly round OVATE
Not playing it safe ALLIN
Not seeing clearly BLEARYEYED
Not showy STAID
Not so old NEWER
Not the good stuff HOOCH
Not the main point TANGENT
Not together anymore SPLIT
Not up for a proposal? KNEELED
Not well done RARE
Not yet decided ONTHEFENCE
Not yet proven ALLEGED
Not yet two years old ONE
Not your average shopping trip SPREE
Not, in France PAS
Often a river runs through it CANYON
Possessive type? DEMON
Prefix that means one-billionth NANO
Prepare in a pan, maybe SAUTE
President pro ___ TEM
Reverberated RANG
Roberts dubbed 'America's favorite novelist' by The New Yorker NORA
Scraped (by) EKED
Setting for 'Make Way for Ducklings' POND
Ski lift TBAR
Sonata, e.g OPUS
State of confusion DISORDER
Taste, as a lollipop LICK
Working in a mess, for short ONKP
[Not much time to lose!] ASAP
___ Irwin a.k.a. the Crocodile Hunter STEVE