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Clues Answers
"Don't look —!" ATME
"Fat chance!" NOT
"I feel — coming on!" ASONG
"Later!" BYE
"Sixteen Tons" hitmaker of 1955 TENNESSEEERNIEFORD
"The Grapes of Wrath" hero Tom JOAD
"The Waste Land" poet ELIOT
"To clarify ..." IMEAN
"Waterloo" group ABBA
1989 Series champs THEAS
1994 French Open winner Bruguera SERGI
2017-19 HBO drama series THEDEUCE
Actor Hawke ETHAN
Actress Dressler MARIE
Actress Sobieski LEELEE
Adverse fate DOOM
Apt shoe width to wear when solving this puzzle? EEE
Artist Yoko ONO
Assessment of a worker's performance EMPLOYEEEVALUATION
Attacked HADAT
Beach bird TERN
Befuddled ASEA
Big Apple stage award OBIE
Birch's cousin ALDER
Bob of folk rock DYLAN
Bona fide REAL
Brainpower SMARTS
Burn slightly SINGE
Cairo's home EGYPT
Cheer word RAH
Chef's wear APRON
Christmas carol whose titular flower symbolizes Mary LOHOWAROSEEERBLOOMING
Color again, as hair REDYE
Curve part ARC
Degrade ABASE
Dernier — (latest thing) CRI
Doctor's pass-along to a specialist REFERRAL
Dutch cheese EDAM
Early PC operator, often IBMUSER
Enlightened AWARE
Espresso with hot milk LATTE
Fish also called "unagi" JAPANESEEEL
Flee to marry ELOPE
Fleece-lined boot brand UGG
Forty-five times two NINETY
Furious MAD
Garlic mayonnaise AIOLI
Geller of psychic acts URI
General — chicken TSOS
Give rise to CAUSE
Golf's Trevino LEE
Gp. activated by a 911 call EMS
Grade just above average CPLUS
Greeting to 'Enry 'Iggins ELLO
Handy sort DIYER
Hearty brunch dishes THREEEGGOMELETS
Hi-fi discs LPS
Hindu god incarnate AVATAR
Inch along CREEP
Insurance co. bailed out in 2008 AIG
Is in the red OWES
Israeli money SHEKEL
It uses poses called asanas YOGA
Itinerary info DATE
Itty-bitty EENSIE
Jam-packed DENSE
Clues Answers
Joe of "Home Alone" PESCI
Just out NEW
Kett of comics ETTA
Kin of "equi-" ISO
Lamb nurser EWE
Level of rank ECHELON
Like a shallow bay in an atoll LAGOONAL
Lots of MANY
Make a king ENTHRONE
Makes lovable ENDEARS
Man, in Berlin HERR
Metallica drummer Ulrich LARS
Mex. miss SRTA
Moon goddess SELENE
Moore of the Brat Pack DEMI
NBC TV inits SNL
Old overlord TSAR
Olympic skater Ito MIDORI
Paper version of an online publication, informally DEADTREEEDITION
Patronage: Var EGIS
Pentax rival NIKON
People with clout INS
Per-unit cost RATE
Performs DOES
Pi follower RHO
Playground retort ARETOO
Port in Italia NAPOLI
Portrayer of Rainbow Johnson on "Black-ish" TRACEEELLISROSS
Prefix with space AERO
Pub projectile DART
Q followers RST
R.E.M.'s debut single RADIOFREEEUROPE
Rae of "Insecure" ISSA
Rapids craft CANOE
Region of northern France PICARDY
Roger of film review EBERT
Root in perfumery ORRIS
Rx watchdog FDA
Sailor's positive reply AYEAYE
San — (certain Californian) DIEGAN
Sandler of "Grown Ups" ADAM
Science educator Bill NYE
See 123-Across MATEY
Sells online ETAILS
Sets off to the right of the margin INDENTS
Share the same view SEEEYETOEYE
Sob stories SADTALES
Solders, e.g WELDS
Some sports awards ESPYS
St. Pat's land EIRE
Start for glottis or Pen EPI
Styled like ALA
Sunrise side EAST
Tack on ADD
Tall marsh plants CATTAILS
That man's HIS
That woman SHE
The "P" of SandP POORS
The "S" of RSVP SIL
Thunder god THOR
TV's Turner TED
Undisguised OVERT
Wall-climbing plants IVIES
Wife of Gorbachev RAISA
Wifely title MRS
Wind quintet instrument OBOE
With 100-Across, sailor's greeting AHOY
— bene NOTA
— Vegas LAS