Family Time - Jun 6 2023

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Clues Answers
''Did you get your report card ___?'' YET
''I'm ___ going in there!'' NOT
''Land of the free'' USA
''Winnie-the-Pooh'' creature ROO
''With the greatest of ___...'' EASE
All tucked in for the night ABED
Antares is one of many trillions STAR
Any huge reference book TOME
Any woman making pancakes SHE
Attendant in a royal household YEOMAN
Back, to veteran boaters AFT
Ball prop on green grass TEE
Banish from one's country EXILE
Be superior to, as in the military OUTRANK
Become quite mushy, as snow MELT
Bell-shaped flower SEGO
Biggest lighter we use SUN
Buck in the woods STAG
Called formally or named TITLED
Cast raysГ%82В ofГ%82В light upon IRRADIATE
Churchgoer's 10 percent TITHE
Circle part ARC
Clean a blackboard ERASE
Cole ___ SLAW
Drill attachment BIT
Elf-sized or just plain small WEE
Equine pace TROT
Expel from one's property EVICT
Final number, in addition TOTAL
Give a powerful keynote address ORATE
Hand lotion ingredient ALOE
Happening frequently OFTEN
Haul to court for money SUE
Clues Answers
Have a bit of debt OWE
Have candied apricots with licorice sticks EAT
Hawaiian necklace LEI
Heated drink TEA
High-school dance PROM
Honking birds GEESE
Kind of jacket, form or insurance LIFE
Long-lasting hostilities FEUD
Moderate reddish brown HENNA
Movie buff's collectible POSTER
Number of feet you'll find in a fathom SIX
Outcry at a mouse sighting EEK
Partly mushy snow SLUSH
Pastor, for short REV
Pig pen STY
Resort providing therapeutic baths SPA
Slack off ABATE
Snow creature of legend and lore YETI
Sounds from a pigeon coop COOS
Spar in a ring BOX
Store neatly and compactly STOW
Suffix with magnet or real ISM
Tiger's sound ROAR
Traditional wisdom LORE
Type of trunk or clam STEAMER
Unit of laundry LOAD
Utilize USE
Vegetable in a pod PEA
Voice quality TONE
Way back in the past AGO
What a sewer needs NEEDLE
What you say or said UTTERANCE
Wield, as authority EXERT