L.A. Times Daily - Jan 30 2011

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Clues Answers
"Adventurous" means ... IHAVEBEENTOTHEZOOONCE
"Aquí se __ español" HABLA
"¿Cómo __?" ESTA
"Enjoys long conversations" means ... IDIDNTPAYMYCABLEBILL
"Enjoys the beach" means ... IOWNAMETALDETECTOR
"Free spirit" means ... ILOSTEVERYJOBIEVERHAD
"Guh-ross!" YECCH
"History of the World: __": Brooks film PARTI
"I won't sign" NODEAL
"Key Largo" co-star BACALL
"La Bohème" waltzer MUSETTA
"La __ Breve": de Falla opera VIDA
"Let's" evoker SHALLWE
"Likes home cooking" means ... IMTOOCHEAPTOEATOUT
"Likes to cuddle" means ... MYAPARTMENTHASNOHEAT
"Looking for Mr. Goodbar" author ROSSNER
"Otello" composer VERDI
"Smooth Operator" singer SADE
"SNL" producer Michaels LORNE
"Such a pity" SOSAD
"Takes long walks" means ... MYCARSBEENREPOSSESSED
"That feels go-o-o-od" AAH
"The Faerie Queene" poet SPENSER
"Wassup," formally HELLO
"__ tu": 44-Across aria ERI
2002 British Open champ ELS
Airline since 1948 ELAL
Alley "oops" SPLIT
Another, in Ávila OTRA
Apple pioneer? EVE
Arcade foul TILT
Ariz. neighbor NEV
Banks called "Mr. Cub" ERNIE
Big cut GASH
Big name in vacuums DYSON
Big opening? MEGA
Block BAN
Brewery oven OAST
Bridge guru Culbertson ELY
British ref. OED
Buck suffix AROO
Bug like a pup NIPAT
Bumps into MEETS
Calendar col. FRI
Call's partner BECK
Came to the rescue AIDED
Canon camera named for a goddess EOS
Cedar Rapids college COE
Chalice's cousin GRAIL
Chevy model TAHOE
Chorister's cover ROBE
Common people PLEBS
Compass dir. NNE
Cuts, say EDITS
Daughter of Phoebe LETO
Describe in detail LIMN
Digging up some dirt PLOWING
Distressed state WOE
Doesn't hold back TELLS
Doughnut-shaped TOROID
E-mail button SEND
Ending for ranch ERO
Enlarge, in a way ADDONTO
Env. stuffer ENCL
Excite REVUP
Exercise portmanteau TAEBO
Flying Clouds, e.g. REOS
Fractions of a joule ERGS
Had, in the Bible BEGAT
Handy abbr. ETAL
Hardly thoughtful RASH
Clues Answers
Have something AIL
Hidden supply STASH
Historic period EPOCH
Impassive STOIC
Is forbidden to, quaintly MAYNT
Just a taste SIP
Just plain silly ASININE
Kenan's TV pal KEL
Like electric basses AMPED
Liqueur herb ANISE
Litigator's letters ESQ
Luau dish POI
Lucie's dad DESI
Málaga Mrs. SRA
Me-tooer APER
Milhouse's pal BART
Mud bath venue SPA
Must-take coll. course REQ
New Jersey town near the George Washington Bridge TEANECK
New Mexico state flower YUCCA
North Sea feeder ELBE
One may be an item DUO
One of the Wayans brothers SHAWN
Opry adjective OLE
Ore source VEIN
Outback runner EMU
Paramedics, briefly EMTS
Pesto or aioli SAUCE
Piano or roll follower BAR
Playwright Fugard ATHOL
Poetic praise ODE
Rented LET
Research assoc.? DEV
Restaurant worker who's rarely in the restaurant VALET
Right-hook man in "Peter Pan"? SMEE
Ring for breakfast BAGEL
River of central Germany EDER
Rogers Centre team, familiarly JAYS
Rookie TYRO
Rouen room SALLE
Sans contractual buyers ONSPEC
Sarge's boss LOOIE
Seaside cottage asset VIEW
Six-Day War figure Dayan MOSHE
Slapstick prop PIE
Small songbirds LARKS
Solfeggio syllables FAS
Some sushi tuna AHI
Spohr's Opus 31 and others NONETS
Stop: Abbr. STN
Story morals, e.g. TAGS
Struck (out) EXED
Substituted for ACTEDAS
Syr. and Eg., once UAR
Tailed orbiter COMET
Terrier of film ASTA
They don't skip 48-Downs LOCS
They may be dirt: Abbr. RDS
Thumbnails, nowadays PIX
Till bills ONES
Tropical palm ARECA
Venice Film Festival site LIDO
Warhol "superstar" Sedgwick EDIE
Windup toy device DETENT
Without delay NOW
Word of exhortation RAH
Writable storage media, briefly CDRS
__ about ONOR