The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,318 - Jun 5 2023

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Clues Answers
A buoy out of place in marshy outlet BAYOU
A nut roast prepared for one like Major Tom? ASTRONAUT
Absolve former lover facing single charge EXONERATE
Buddy perhaps having wine in plant HOLLYHOCK
Check number on beach, briefly SHORTEN
Daughter in marketplace used up credit KUDOS
Down to secure a certain secluded retreat, and to get richer? FEATHERONESNEST
Fiddle involving runs results in angry argument WRANGLE
Groom's a dish CURRY
In the meantime, tunnel hit badly UNTILTHEN
Jolly smart, fresh as well? BRIGHTANDBREEZY
Leader of group has evening dresses GOWNS
Lout in custody, a hooligan YAHOO
Magnificent beer served up REGAL
Clues Answers
Map effectively shows NT property in Kent CHARTWELL
Minds having to store a female's glass containers CARAFES
Move, longing to be brought up in part of the East End STEPNEY
Musical groups -- they're made up by lots of men CHESSSETS
Nobleman gets over there before much time has elapsed EARLYON
Odd characters in wood left clue by junior scout WOLFCUB
Pagoda may be very high, at a level I can't reach? ABOVEMYPAYGRADE
Play patience TOLERANCE
Quotes views heard CITES
Share a place together? That could be company practice COHABIT
Something to listen to, being caterers travelling round CARSTEREO
Tucked into belt, a serious weapon TASER
Water tower? TUGBOAT
You're in no position to criticise views about that person gossiping LOOKWHOSTALKING