The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 29,088 - Jun 5 2023

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Clues Answers
A bachelor meeting Elizabeth, a superior woman ABBESS
A listed building? TOWEROFPISA
Arguments got louder, as we hear ROWS
Be slow about forcing one's way through with these? ELBOWS
Coming to the end of touring holiday with no alternative available? INTHELASTRESORT
Condiment given a false rating at first VINEGAR
Drunk port, No 1 in wine PINOTNOIR
Extra notice given to teacher ADDON
Fields of study concerned with charitable giving REALMS
Foul-smelling fish causing irritation RANKLING
Furious desire to live RESIDE
Gravedigger working after an hour in church SEXTON
Health centre for hypochondriacs? WELLWOMANCLINIC
Keep shaking the cart WAGON
Clues Answers
Line and wriggly worm ANNELID
Manage to get last member of oil cartel into leading position COPE
No amateur was keen to be dragged out PROLONGED
One slides over nail to avoid a puncture THIMBLE
Paper, large amount, for an appointment TIMESLOT
Slight colour in metal regularly grey TINGE
So many taking part in athletics event SEVEN
The aisle, do we hear, where horses may be ridden? BRIDLEWAY
The old SS had power to move you STEAMSHIP
Two terms of golf that go with your card CHIPANDPIN
Unauthorised disposal of insect? FLYTIPPING
Under compulsion, old boy told a story about golf OBLIGED
Warders' wages small SCREWS
Wrongly record event — it's changed back RECONVERTED