L.A. Times Daily - Jun 4 2023

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Clues Answers
"Be My Baby" memoirist Spector RONNIE
"For My Broken Heart" singer McEntire REBA
"I hate it" UGH
"Let Me Love You" R&B singer NEYO
"On the other hand ... " BUT
"Strange to say ... " ODDLY
12-Down and 50-Down, maybe HOTTEAS
Actor/director Ken OLIN
Actress Russo RENE
Actress Thompson EMMA
Actress Ward SELA
Agenda PLAN
Apex predators of the ocean ORCAS
Aromatic Indian export ASSAM
Aromatic Sri Lankan exports PEKOES
Ascend GOUP
Backs (out) OPTS
Ball-shaped SPHERIC
Bamako's country MALI
Blob's lack FORM
Blue Pac-Man ghost INKY
Brief "If you ask me" IMO
Busy place HIVE
Butters up, perhaps GREASES
Bygone Swedish car company SAAB
Can opener TAB
Catherine's "Schitt's Creek" role MOIRA
Chat with online EMAIL
Chatted with online, for short IMED
Co-star of Nimoy and Shatner TAKEI
Combustible pile PYRE
Command to a guard dog SICEM
Costa __ RICA
Credit __: Zurich bank SUISSE
Cut (off) LOP
Cyclops feature ONEEYE
Derek's ex-wife on "Grey's Anatomy" ADDISON
Did too much heavy lifting? OVERSCHLEPPED
Difficult HARD
Director Reitman and tennis great Lendl IVANS
Does the job perfectly ACESIT
Dormitory annoyance SNORER
Elevator name OTIS
Equal ARE
Exacta or trifecta BET
Fairy tale brute OGRE
Fashion letters DKNY
Feels like WANTSTO
Flow back RECEDE
Food Network production featuring a chef's work surface? COUNTERSHOOT
Fred of "Schmigadoon!" ARMISEN
Frozen fries maker OREIDA
Full-time employee at a corn processing plant? ALLDAYSHUCKER
Garden center bagful SOIL
Genre for some Tokyo-based bands JPOP
Golf bag item TEE
Had to have NEEDED
Hasty escape LAM
Heat unit THERM
Hit the spot SATISFY
Hornswoggled HAD
Howard or Alcorn, for short HBCU
Hustle genre DISCO
Icy coating HOAR
Iditarod driver MUSHER
Implied TACIT
In shape TONED
Iris layer UVEA
Clues Answers
Jedi Council leader YODA
Jimmy __: fashion brand known for expensive shoes CHOO
Just-in-case item SPARE
Kanga's kid ROO
Large lizard with dewlaps IGUANA
Lethargy TORPOR
Like an overtired child, maybe BRATTY
Like many a safari cat LEONINE
Listen to HEED
Maggie Smith's "Good Bones," e.g POEM
Make a scarf, say KNIT
Maker of sweet wafers NECCO
Makes jigsaw puzzles, perhaps DIECUTS
Med. condition with repetitive behavior OCD
Menu of family-sized KFC options? BUCKETSHEET
Mercury and Mars GODS
Mexican market MERCADO
Modus operandi SYSTEM
Moist towelette WIPE
More chichi ARTIER
More oozy GOOIER
Mouse hat feature EARS
Naan alternative ROTI
Nail polish brand OPI
Narcissist's problem EGOISM
Nights before EVES
Not theirs OURS
Oat Milk Blend shampoo maker AVEENO
Parallel to ALONG
Particle accelerator particle ATOM
Pizzeria output PIES
Preternatural glow AURA
Pride sound ROAR
Pros using mixers, for short DJS
Radar gun reading: Abbr MPH
Really, really cheap liquor? DOLLARSHINE
Religious residence PRIORY
Research on a political rival, briefly OPPO
River inlets RIAS
Roller coaster parts CARS
Rowan Atkinson character MRBEAN
Ruler divisions INCHES
Ruse for crashing family reunions? UNCLESHAM
Russian refusal NYET
Sailor's affirmative AYE
Separates, in a way UNGLUES
Shoestring LACE
Sketch DRAW
Small eggs OVULES
Small tastes SIPS
Soft mineral TALC
Sombrero, e.g HAT
Some athletic shoes CLEATS
Some Spielberg movie collectibles ETS
Sp. titles SRAS
Startling revelation for a couch potato? TUBESHOCK
Surfaces EMERGES
Sushi bar drink SAKE
Sweeping segment of a prop comic's act? BROOMSCHTICK
Takeoff approx ETD
Tiny criticism NIT
Tour de France mountains THEALPS
Turn in SUBMIT
Type of canoe DUGOUT
Upturned, as a box ONEND
Wall recess NICHE
Water cooler sound GLUG
Wrath IRE
Zoomed past RACEDBY
__ now and then EVERY
__ out of: slyly avoided WORMED