New York Times - Jun 4 2023

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Clues Answers
'... maybe that's a bad idea, though' ORNOT
'Actually ...' FACTIS
'Ciao!' PEACE
'Help!' SOS
'Indeed' ITISSO
'Irish Rose' lover ABIE
'Sorry ... I don't think so' UMNO
'The Martian Chronicles' author BRADBURY
'The One,' in a sci-fi film series NEO
'Twist and Shout' and 'Yesterday,' for the Beatles EPS
'What are you ___?!' DOING
'Yay!,' in internet-speak WOOT
12th-most-common street name, per the U.S. Census Bureau MAPLE
2014 boxing documentary IAMALI
A year in Portugal ANO
Actor/activist George TAKEI
Actress Long of 'Boyz N the Hood' NIA
Actress Teri GARR
Agenda bit ITEM
Aleppo's land SYRIA
Bay Area airport code SFO
Before, once ERE
Behaved like an ass BRAYED
Belgian painter James ENSOR
Bit of bedroom furniture ARMOIRE
Book jacket bit BIO
Bureaucracy surrounding environmental regulations ... or a description of 76-Across? GREENTAPE
Buy-lines? SLOGANS
Bygone medical device used in electrotherapy ... or a description of 111-Across? VIOLETRAY
Canadian gas brand ESSO
Catherine of 'Schitt's Creek' OHARA
Circumforaneous sort NOMAD
City between Gainesville and Orlando OCALA
Clickable address URL
Competitor of The Vitamin Shoppe GNC
Consumer-to-consumer marketplace EBAY
Copy writer SCRIBE
Core group ABS
Cry before overtime ITSATIE
D.M.V. issuances IDCARDS
Deal with SEETO
Deviate (from) DEPART
Device with a pair of spools CASSETTE
Did some paddling CANOED
Dishevel MUSS
Dominoes, e.g TILES
Double-breasted outerwear PEACOATS
Dressing room assessment FIT
Dungeons & Dragons figure CLERIC
Earthy pigment OCHER
English meaning of the Portuguese 'e' AND
Fall bloom ASTER
Film battle sequence, e.g SETPIECE
Folklore creature ELF
Food truck offerings TACOS
French pet name that means 'cabbage' CHOU
Gender-neutral possessive pronoun ONES
Get a better rate, for short REFI
Gets started on SETSTO
Glam rock band with six #1 hits in England in the 1970s SLADE
GPS suggestion: Abbr RTE
Have OWN
Heavy cart pulled by a carriage DRAY
I, in the Greek alphabet IOTA
I, in the NATO alphabet INDIA
Clues Answers
Implement used with a Venetian fórcola OAR
Intermittently ONANDOFF
Kind of diet that eschews processed foods PALEO
Language from which Alaska gets its name ALEUT
Letters by some bars LTE
Like a glib answer PAT
Lil ___ X NAS
Major wine-producing country ITALY
Make more secure, in a way FASTEN
Marley in 'Marley & Me,' e.g. ... or a description of 48-Across? YELLOWLAB
Multitude SEA
N.H.L. team from Ohio ... or a description of 93-Across? BLUEJACKETS
Negative space? DARKROOM
Olympics no-nos STEROIDS
One of four on most keyboards ARROW
Onetime set of 13 COLONIES
Ornamental tree with fan-shaped leaves GINKGO
Outcome with no winner DRAW
Palindromic Steely Dan album title AJA
Parka relative ANORAK
Part of a modern entertainment system LEDTV
Part of the Statue of Liberty that's about four feet long TOE
Play lists? CASTS
Prefix with -pod OCTO
Private plane producer CESSNA
Province in 91-Down ASTI
R.S.V.P. tally YESSES
Reference for exploring America USATLAS
Relaxed ATEASE
Samoan capital APIA
Satisfied sounds AHS
Screwdriver component ... or a description of 37-Across? ORANGEJUICE
See 57-Across FLAG
Sharon who has a Pulitzer Prize for poetry OLDS
Silty soil LOESS
Slow-moving creatures SLOTHS
Small bump NODULE
Something that can be 'dead' that was never alive MAIL
Spayed, say DESEXED
Start of some California city names LOS
Strike SMITE
Subject line abbr ATTN
Support for a dancer BARRE
T.S.A.-offered program, familiarly PRE
Take a bad turn GOSOUTH
Tarot card figure classically depicted in ragged clothing FOOL
Taunting response to a challenger WHOYOU
Theatrical lines that break the fourth wall ASIDES
They're right on an election map ... or a description of 17-Across? REDSTATES
Tightly enclose SEALIN
Time in history ERA
Tiny building blocks LEGOS
Tiny pest ANT
Title TV character whose name is an acronym ALF
Titus in the WWE Hall of Fame ONEIL
Triceratops contemporary, informally TREX
Unfaithful sort? ATHEIST
What a face emoji often lacks NOSE
What's the deal? SALE
With 58-Across, what's represented by this puzzle's colored 'stripes' PRIDE
Woof ARF
Word with gas or think TANK
Work well (with) GEL
___ de Dios ('God's eye') OJO
___'s number, cognitive limit to how many relationships a person can maintain DUNBAR