USA Today - Jul 14 2023

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Clues Answers
'Agreed' SAME
'All this for little old me?!' IMNOTWORTHY
'Good as ___' (Lizzo bop) HELL
'In what way?' HOW
'It's cold in here!' BRR
'It's not my ___!' FAULT
'Let's do that!' SOLD
'Like Water ___ Chocolate' FOR
'Los Espookys' actress Fabrega ANA
'My bad,' in a text SRY
'Of course!' YES
'That is . . . really something' WOWJUSTWOW
'That's a relief!' WHEW
'We've got the bill!' ONUS
'___ no big deal!' ITS
Abbreviation for 'pounds' LBS
Antelope found in 'big numbers' GNU
Anti-bullying advocate JoJo SIWA
Approves OKS
As well TOO
Awards show hosts MCS
Bajofondo's music genre TANGO
Bird that hoots OWL
Bridge fees TOLLS
Buttery, sweet bread BRIOCHE
Car's toot HONK
Charged atoms IONS
Cold, fruity beverage SMOOTHIE
Comedian's gimmick SHTICK
Cook too long BURN
Country where palusami is from SAMOA
Cow's sound MOO
Crunchy bits in some fudge WALNUTS
Daniel Clowes comic about navigating the limbo between high GHOSTWORLD
Dealt with SAWTO
Didn't take the L WON
Drink quickly CHUG
Drum in Afro-Cuban music BONGO
Entire TOTAL
Clues Answers
Fancy vase URN
Garden in the Torah EDEN
Get some much-needed emotional release CRYITOUT
Had a bad odor STUNK
Hawaiian dance HULA
Heart-pumping exercise routine that might include jump squat HIITWORKOUT
Hearty-sounding name STU
Hideout LAIR
ID on a 1099-NEC form SSN
Irritates ANNOYS
It tops a wrapped gift BOW
Just-released NEW
K-pop band on hiatus until 2025 BTS
L.A. neighborhood where you can get galbi-jjim KTOWN
Low-carb diet KETO
Lowest-quality WORST
Nail polish layer COAT
No, in German NEIN
Not manual AUTO
Organ with a wall UTERUS
Our sense of who we are IDENTITY
Power lifter's equipment WEIGHTS
Prefix for 'gender' CIS
Prefix with 'center' EPI
Purchase BUY
Run away BOLT
Semiaquatic salamander NEWT
Shallow cocktail glass with a wide mouth COUPE
Softly illuminated LOWLIT
Spanish for 'sir' SENOR
Style that gives the illusion of dampness WETLOOK
Super hot day SCORCHER
SZA's debut album CTRL
Tappable logo ICON
Try to win the affections of WOO
Wait and ___ SEE
Yang's counterpart YIN
_ut _f _ffice, in an automated email OOO
___ California (Mexican state) BAJA