USA Today - Jul 13 2023

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Clues Answers
'Darn it!' DANG
'Don't worry; ___ be OK!' ITLL
'I can ___' ('Been there!') RELATE
'I got it!' AHA
'It takes one to ___ one' KNOW
'Much ___ About Nothing' ADO
'my b' SRY
'The New Queer Conscience' author Adam ELI
'You got it!' BINGO
>:O or :-) EMOTICON
AM/FM device RADIO
Brewski BEER
Catlike Pokemon MEW
Chapter of history ERA
Cincinnati's state OHIO
City leader MAYOR
Column counterpart ROW
Corporate symbol LOGO
Disappeared, like a lake DRIEDUP
Drove over the speed limit SPED
Elizabeth Olsen and Robbie Arnett, for 'Hattie Harmony: Worr AUTHORS
Fancy drinking glasses GOBLETS
Father, in baby talk DADA
Flows back EBBS
Gendered term of address MADAM
Get to 0% battery DIE
Have a chat TALK
Houston Rockets power forward JABARISMITHJR
How you might start watching a trashy TV show IRONICALLY
Jacuzzi features JETS
Joint by the Achilles tendon ANKLE
Judoka's school DOJO
Large amount TON
Like much of Lana Del Rey's music SAD
Like people from Cardiff WELSH
Mammal that sleeps upside down BAT
Many Yemenis ARABS
Clues Answers
Matchmaking app whose 'J' alludes to 'Jewish' JDATE
Need when repotting plants SOIL
New ___ smell CAR
Nickname hidden in 'opera fan' RAFA
Nonsense poem that starts ''Twas brillig, and the slithy tov JABBERWOCKY
Not wearing shoes BAREFOOT
Olivia Rodrigo's debut album SOUR
Ozone ___ (stratosphere part) LAYER
Pay for a hand of cards ANTE
Pen tip NIB
Peter Quill's father, in the MCU EGO
Pop star Gomez SELENA
Powerful tennis shot SMASH
Quite a few LOTS
Rained heavily POURED
Ring above an angel HALO
Selected CHOSE
Send to a specialist REFER
Shade of blue COBALT
Shark movie with a famous theme song JAWS
Shoe insert that reduces bad smells ODOREATER
Short-lived trends FADS
Sluglike 'Star Wars' villain JABBATHEHUTT
Spot for a tragus piercing EAR
Tapped gently PATTED
Tear RIP
Top that might be worn with a lei ALOHASHIRT
Uno, ___, tres DOS
Word often confused with 'lie' LAY
Worldwide GLOBAL
___ Lanka SRI
___ over (begins to heal) SCABS
___ Potato Head MRS
___-faced liar BALD
___.D. (degree for some therapists) PSY