USA Today - Jul 10 2023

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Clues Answers
'Enjoy!' HAVEFUN
'Golly!' GEE
'I'm in big trouble!' MYGOOSEISCOOKED
'Jane ___' EYRE
'My word!' HOLYCOW
'Neigh' sayer HORSE
'Oldboy' actor Min-sik CHOI
'Twilight' vampire Edward CULLEN
'You ___ bother!' NEEDNT
50-Down strap REIN
Acrobat's safeguard NET
Actress Marisa TOMEI
Affirmative vote YEA
Agenda unit ITEM
Apartment payment RENT
ATM code PIN
Award in the shape of a Moon Person, for short VMA
Body part where henna is often applied HAND
Bouncers check them (Abbr.) IDS
Brain parts involved in the fight-or-flight response AMYGDALAS
Club music genre EDM
Come together UNITE
Czech or Serb SLAV
Dish steamed in a corn husk TAMALE
Dream up IMAGINE
Dried chili pepper ANCHO
Embarrass ABASH
Female sheep EWES
Fifth Roman emperor NERO
Figure on some wedding cakes GROOM
Fill completely SATE
Flying saucer, for short UFO
Gas rating number OCTANE
Good thing to have ASSET
Hanukkah coins GELT
Jabba the ___ HUTT
Jerry's cartoon nemesis TOM
Lacking variety ONENOTE
Clues Answers
Like a big grin TOOTHY
Like olives in a martini SPEARED
Low Power and Airplane, on a phone MODES
Nights before holidays EVES
Not online, for short IRL
Number that looks like two lower case l's ELEVEN
Paper quantity REAM
Patrons that might order 'the usual' REGULARS
Pessimistic person GLOOMYGUS
Pixar short in which a steamed bun comes to life BAO
Prefix meaning 'ancient' PALEO
Refuse to admit DENY
Ripped TORN
Round samosa veggie PEA
Run off to get married ELOPE
San Antonio landmark ALAMO
Solitary LONE
Sound from a ghost or an unsupportive audience BOO
Sport that involves navigating an urban environment PARKOUR
Stimpy's cartoon buddy REN
Suffix with 'lemon' or 'lime' ADE
Tai ___ CHI
The Dolphins' home city MIAMI
The Writers Guild of America and others UNIONS
They have 12 mos YRS
They might fall out of Playbills INSERTS
Trendy HIP
Turning maneuver PIVOT
Unpleasant thing to look at EYESORE
Way out EXIT
What the Other Mother has instead of eyes in 'Coraline' BUTTONS
Where a car's registration is often kept GLOVEBOX
Winged child CHERUB
Winged matchmaker CUPID
Word after 'tourist' or 'booby' TRAP
___ carte ALA
___ up (add pep to) LIVEN