L.A. Times Daily - May 31 2023

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Clues Answers
"Awesome!" SOCOOL
"Fiddlesticks" DARN
"Get a room!" elicitor, for short PDA
"Gimme a minute" ONESEC
"Hey, bro" YODUDE
"I'm going before you!" MEFIRST
"Try a Little Tenderness" singer Redding OTIS
"We're leaving now!" LETSGO
"__ but a scratch" TIS
*Currency in San Ignacio BELIZEDOLLAR
*Laboratory vessel BELLJAR
*Not so great BELOWPAR
*Roe delicacy BELUGACAVIAR
12 months YEAR
Abandon good posture SLOUCH
Abbreviation with a suggested price OBO
Advanced deg PHD
Beatles hairstyle MOPTOP
Blog entry POST
Bottled up, as emotions HELDIN
Bran benefit FIBER
Citrus bits ZEST
Clarinet kin OBOE
Club alternative BLT
Coffee receptacle URN
Company with brown trucks UPS
Cookbook phrase TOTASTE
Diet branding word LITE
Drag show accessories BOAS
Earth Day prefix ECO
Eight-related OCTAL
Feminine pronoun SHE
Fixes a crossword, say EDITS
Formula 1 need CAR
Full of energy WIRED
Guinness of "Doctor Zhivago" ALEC
Hushed summons PSST
Irish Spring, e.g SOAP
Clues Answers
Language in Sri Lanka TAMIL
Lesson that may involve a thesaurus, for short VOCAB
Lightly shaded TINGED
Lily of "Downton Abbey" JAMES
Lip Smacker product BALM
London's __ Park HYDE
Lures (in) ROPES
Morehouse, for one: Abbr HBCU
Oblique neighbors ABS
Oreo cookie packaging SLEEVE
Org. for Oilers NHL
Part of a bath set gift basket LOOFA
Pokémon species that evolves into Kadabra and Alakazam ABRA
Prepare, as potatoes MASH
Pres. in a stovepipe hat ABE
Put away STORED
Q's neighbor TAB
Quarters ABODE
Rat's home NEST
Rhyme Syndicate founder ICET
Road trip game ISPY
Sacred flower LOTUS
Sea-__ airport TAC
Singer DiFranco ANI
Slightly off AWRY
Starfleet school ACADEMY
Starting from ASOF
State boldly AVER
Surround ENVELOP
Task on a suburban summer to-do list MOW
Tight embraces, and what the answers to the starred clues literally have? BEARHUGS
Unadorned BARE
Uses a surgical beam LASES
With money at stake ONABET
Work-from-home types UMPS
World Cup chant USA
__ signs VITAL