Universal - May 31 2023

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Clues Answers
"Hold on" NOTYET
"Insecure" actress ISSARAE
"Me, too" SOAMI
"___ & Greg" (1997-2002 sitcom) DHARMA
"___-hoo!" YOO
Angry MAD
Anxiety drug brand VALIUM
Bawl CRY
Big concert venue ARENA
Bombeck who wrote over 4,000 columns ERMA
Bound or vault LEAP
Broadcasting now ONAIR
Celebrity and Carnival, e.g CRUISELINES
Celestial bear URSA
Check casher PAYEE
Chowed down ATE
Comes together UNITES
Commercials ADS
Constellation hidden in "Jolly Rancher" LYRA
Couch SOFA
Crafty SLY
Diamond shape that resembles a fruit PEAR
Diver's top score TEN
Egg, in Ecuador HUEVO
Elementary particle, and a two-part hint to the starts of 17-, 28-, 45- and 62-Across ATOM
Elite group of athletes ATEAM
Extends, as a membership RENEWS
Eye sore STYE
Film Solo HAN
Folded bookmark DOGEAR
Gemstone unit CARAT
Goggle-eyed and wise OWLISH
Green Gables girl ANNE
Hang back LAG
Have 20-Across OWE
Iams competitor PURINA
Clues Answers
Inhale and exhale RESPIRE
Island region of Italy SARDINIA
It can swim backward EEL
It might be left hanging ART
Jewish circle dances HORAS
Key with no sharps or flats CMAJOR
Mahomes, at times PASSER
Neptune's domain SEA
One may have just desserts MENU
Orca group POD
Parents celebrated in June PAPAS
Polish language? EDIT
Pony car since 1964 FORDMUSTANG
Popular food fish TILAPIA
Procrastinator's favorite word LATER
Quirky ODD
Religious revival responses AMENS
Reporter's first question? WHO
Sarcastic response to a dad joke HARDYHARHAR
Shelled out SPENT
Simple bed COT
Tablet downloads APPS
Taste, for one SENSE
Tear RIP
Tells, as a tale NARRATES
Ungentlemanly guy CAD
Unpaid debts ARREARS
Unpopular low-level boss, say PETTYTYRANT
Wasn't impartial SIDED
Web feed letters RSS
West Point inits USMA
What zoologists study ANIMALS
Wild adventure ESCAPADE
Wilts SAGS
Word before "stream" or "Ski" JET
X, in fraternity names CHI
___ spray (decongestant) NASAL